"Stormproof Your Life" Founder and Martial Arts Master Mike Storms Releases Safer Smarter Kids™ DVD Set to Keep Kids Street Smart and Safe

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Parenting expert and karate master releases DVD set to help parents train and protect their kids from sexual predators

Sensei Storms teaching a group of students about Street Smarts

Sensei Storms teaching a group of students about Street Smarts

Passing the responsibility of our childrens’ safety off to schools, little leagues, or even the police will never suffice. We, the parents, have to be the first line of defense.

This DVD set is aimed at all parents who want to keep their kids safe on the streets and free of drugs. Whether your concern is bullying, predators, or bad influences, Safer Smarter Kids™ is the program you're looking for. Martial Arts Master Mike Storms, founder of StormProof Your Life, wrote this series as a guideline and assistant to educating your kids about what to do in certain situations.

Storms says on strategies for keeping your kids safe and smart, “Keep it simple as you would anything else, narrow it down to three critical discussions: 'Teach them it’s ok to say NO to adults', ‘Teach your kids the difference between good touch and bad touch’, and ‘What to do if they’re lost?’”

1)    Teach them it’s okay to say NO to adults! In the subject of creating street smart kids we want to give our kids, as their parents, the permission to say NO to adults and adults in authority, if they are asked to do something that feels weird, uncomfortable, or that they know to be wrong. Teach them that it’s their body, and no one is allowed to touch it but them.

2)    Teach your kids the difference between good touch and bad touch! Simple plain definitions; good touch is a pat on the head or back, a handshake, a high five, a hug or kiss from mom or dad, etc. Bad touch is if anyone touches you in your private area, or where your bathing suit covers. Plan of action tell your parents or any trusted adult, always tell no matter what. No matter what the offender says, always tell. Your kids then need to see calm protective action taken by you to begin the investigation and healing process as necessary.

3)    What to do if they’re lost? Find someone that works in the store with a nametag or uniform on, go to the front of the store to the checkout counter, ask a woman with children, ask a female whenever possible, not a man.

The headlines all seem to have new allegations each week of kids being molested by adults. The latest allegations all seem to have come from people in authority, people who have been given the job of caring and protecting the same kids whose innocence they’ve stolen.

From coaches to teachers to summer camp counselors, it no doubt becoming epidemic: As you’ve seen in other news sources, “Ex-youth coach indicted in Citadel military college sex case” (NBC News, msnbc.com staff and news services) or “Disgraced Junior Hockey Coach Graham James gets 2-year sentence for sexually abusing two of his players” (The Associated Press), this is not something to be taken lightly or without caution.

Martial Arts Master Mike Storms of Mandeville, Louisiana has been teaching parents and schools for over 20 years his Safer Smarter Kids™ program. Storms, the father of four, says, “Parents eventually have to come to the realization that training, discussion and practice is essential for doing whatever they can to prepare and prevent this from happening to your child.” Storms has taught this program to over 6,000 kids and their families.

Storms also says, “Passing the responsibility of our childrens’ safety off to schools, little leagues, or even the police will never suffice. We, the parents, have to be the first line of defense. The ‘Oh it'll never happen to my child because of where they go to school or play sports’ delusion is a false sense of security.”

As the Safer Smart Kids™ program teaches, check out your kids’ babysitters, their coaches, their teachers, their friends’ parents and older siblings, be attentive and vigilant.

Storms is clear that he doesn't blame parents, "Nothing we can do will protect our kids 100%, there are no guarantees, but, we want to do whatever we can to do our part as parents to protect them."

One of his own kids, who was trained in the Safer Smarter Kids™ program, came home from school one day to say another child had been inappropriate with them at his school. It was brought to the school’s attention and dealt with. About this he says, "Your kids have to know to come to you, and you have to know how to calmly respond."

Recently when, on the NBC affiliate news station in New Orleans, Storms was interviewed on this subject, he was asked when to begin the training and how to have these conversations with kids. “When do you tell them to look both ways before you cross the street?”, he asked. “It's the same time, it's like reviewing their math or spelling or table manners, make it part of your family’s regular conversations about school, manners, life lessons.”

At the top of the dangers confronting kids and parents today is the internet. “You must review your kids’ facebook, twitter, email, and texts. Keep an open door policy; your kids don't have to like it, but they need to understand it’s a condition for the privilege.”

To find out more you can go to http://www.stormproofyourlife.com and download the free “StormProof Your Child from Predators” program, watch the Bully Prevention video, or get a copy of the Safer Smarter Kids™ Live Conference DVD set.

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