The Top 5 Harmful Effects of Doing P90-X, Crossfit and Bootcamp Classes Without Getting an Assessment First According to Corrective Exercise Experts at BodyProFTL

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The popularity of Cross Fit, P90–X and Boot Camps has had both a positive and negative impact on the fitness profession. It has been positive in the fact that these classes have motivated people to move. However, because these classes are by definition group oriented they are not individualized and generally the participants do not receive an assessment prior to participating in the class. When this is the case, individuals are doing things that may not be appropriate for their particular body and often injury results. BodyProFTL's rehab expert, Dan Hellman, has personally rehabilitated many individuals who have been hurt during these Cross Fit, P90-X and Boot Camp classes.

The last client to consult with Dan has a severe low back injury that occurred during a Cross Fit class while doing a lift called a snatch. A snatch is the most demanding of all Olympic lifts and only highly conditioned and skilled athletes should perform this lift. The injury resulted in “drop foot” and required surgery to repair the nerve compression. This injury could have been easily prevented if an assessment had been performed and the exercise program tailored to the individual.

Personal experiences like this is what prompted the staff at BodyProFtL to release the following top 5 most harmful effects of such classes and to create a class based off Paul Chek’s 7 Primal Patterns which can be raised and lowered for all skill levels. Also, prior to participating in the class, an assessment is mandatory for all individuals to screen for any possible restrictions and limitations.

1. Back injury.
2. Shoulder injury.
3. Faulty movement patterns/forms that lead to injuries and or surgery.
4. Adrenal overload and fatigue.
5. Hormonal issues/Hypothyroid.

Exercising too much when the body is already overstressed from daily stressors will release more stress hormones, fatigue the adrenals, thereby suppressing the immune system, the inability to heal and eventually leading to disease. Exercise when performed correctly and with the right amount of time can and should be anabolic (stimulating tissue repair and growth) but it's not a one size fits all and it's important to be careful not to constantly be in a catabolic, breakdown phase due to daily life stress and exercise overload. Classes like CrossFit, Bootcamps and P90-X can do serious harm if a person is not assessed first.

At BodyProFTL everyone is assessed and each program is designed specifically for the individual because after all "if you're not assessing, you're guessing" and every BODY is different.

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