More Australian Retailers Go Virtual as Online Sales Increase

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Perth digital marketing firm, Oracle Digital, releases its latest online marketing tools in order to help more businesses succeed in their online business.

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According to Corby, “Using the web in order to market your business is more convenient for customers. And it is because of this convenience that prospective customers will be enticed even more to make their purchases.

Oracle Digital, considered by many as the top SEO Company in Australia, has just announced the release of its newest set of online marketing tools and strategies designed to help businesses who have limited or no virtual presence at all, to earn more profits through the web.

This is in line with studies showing that over the past several years, online sales have been surging at a very past pace, resulting to an increase in total sales for companies that took advantage of the potential of the internet for their businesses.

In support of this report, Brian Walker of the Retail Doctor Group stated that, in Australia, online sales have played a significant role in the success of a company. He further stated that expectations in online sales would form part of a 12%-15% (most probably even more) of the total retail sales in Australia within the succeeding years. In fact, 18 out of the 20 top retail stores in the country maintain both physical and digital presence in order to reach their targeted sales.

Walker, attesting to this, told the Smart Company "What (recent data shows) is how a retailer orchestrates itself in such a way that its physical store and online space work together, so one does not cannibalise the other." He also adds, "I am pessimistic for retailers that do not adapt."

According to experts, in this set up, physical retailers can actually make use of their online presence by integrating it with their physical or bricks-and-mortar store. In here, retailers can post what they offer in their online store, while their customers can just browse over them and make the purchase online.

With this combination of online and physical presence, the customer who made the purchase will then have the option of collecting their purchased item by having it shipped directly to his home, or he can avoid the shipping costs by collecting the item “in-store”. Either way, the retail company will be able to make the necessary sale.

Another source also claims that this “click and collect” program can be also used with the use of mobile applications. And because of the seeming upsurge of the use of Smartphone all over the world, many expect that this will reap numerous benefits as well.

The said source also added that by offering multiple purchasing options to customers, increasing customer base is made more doable. He also believes that maintaining the corresponding digital presence does not really necessitate abandoning of the physical store. In fact, he adds, that this can mean the best of both worlds for a retail company.

James Corby, of the Australian online marketing company, Oracle Digital, agrees with this observation.

According to Corby, “Using the web in order to market your business is more convenient for customers. And it is because of this convenience that prospective customers will be enticed even more to make their purchases.”

He further adds, “By using effective SEO procedures and strategies, a company’s page ranking and web presence will go higher up in the ranks – and this will mean that more people will be able to see what it actually offers. And again, this will result to more sales on the company’s part.”

Indeed, with the proper SEO approach and online marketing tools, a company will be able to benefit greatly, for both the virtual and physical world. One only need to choose the right company to do the job.

Oracle Digital is the country’s top SEO and Digital Marketing Company. If you have any concerns you can call them at 1300 899 851 or through its website at


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