Beaming App Lets You Follow Family, Friends, Business Associates--And Even Your Favorite Food Channel Star

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Developer’s idea was to capture events in real time with locations and pictures.

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Leave a love note for your boyfriend, a restaurant recommendation for your client, a meeting agenda for your team... Beaming is the first intimate location driven social media application that lets you leave your mark in time.

Bryan Beam, President of, had an ah ha moment when he passed the restaurant where he first met his wife. ”If I could show on a map where we were, take a picture of the restaurant and somehow get it to pop up when friends or family passed the same spot, I could share with them that 'first' in our history."

Beaming ( is a social media application that allows users to leave photos and messages for family and friends at defined GPS locations. When they pass by the location, photos and messages pop up on the phone. Family and friends can be invited to follow to receive “Beams” –images and or messages that others will see automatically when they are near a favorite haunt, for example. Friends can leave noted for other friends, a restaurant recommendation can be left for a client, a meeting agenda can be uploaded for co workers. Beaming is the first intimate location driven social media application that lets users leave a mark in time. The only limitation is imagination.

All friends and family would have to do is push the “Start Beaming” button on their phones, and the Beaming app would allow people to accept other viewers of their channel to see places and pictures “Beamed”. In order to follow someone, users press the “Follow” button and enter search criteria. Searches can be done by name, user, channel, caption and picture—and by latitude and longitude. Users can also press the “Search Location” button and enter a street address or place of interest and that location will be filled.

After reviewing search results, users can then follow someone by setting the switch from on to off. If the channel selected to follow is private, a request is sent to the owner of that channel. Once accepted, users will be following that channel. Users can delete another user following them. “This can be a social networking thing for friends and family. For example, family members can leave photos and captions at a church where a family member married. Anyone visiting that church can see these memorable postings. Future generations could look on a map and see where their loved ones posted photos and captions and when,” Beam says.

According to Beam, the Beaming app could have huge implications for events happening in a specific part of the world. Users in Tahrir Square in Egypt, for example, could have taken pictures of recent demonstrations there allowing participants to share experiences; after the event occurs, visitors to that location could have these photos pop up to document the history of that event.

Other uses for the Beaming app include:

*Business meetings, where photos pop up during a meeting at a specific time.
*Following your favorite chef on the Food Network: A chef could take pictures of favorite restaurants and add ratings. Followers to specific locations would get photos indicating the chef’s favorites in the area users are traveling.
*Museums could use this app as a guided tour. When users walk by a specific piece of art, a description and other information about the piece would pop up.
*Retail stores could have photos of information (like unadvertised sales) when users walk by the store.

When the app first appears, it shows where you are on a map and is ready for photos to pop up after pushing the “Start Beaming” button. Each photo that has been sent is marked with a specific GPS location and has a setting on how sensitive it is. For example, if the photo was set up for a range of 5 miles, then when a follower gets within the 5 mile range, the photo would pop up. After taking a photo – or choosing an existing photo—the photo appears along with options that are available for sending. The photo is checked for existing GPS information. The latitude and longitude can then be changed by either touching one of the fields and editing it, or by pushing the “Search Location” button.

Here are fields you can set for each photo:

*Latitude and Longitude
*Start Date/Time the photo/message to be available
*End Date/Time the photo/message to expire
*Channel the photo/message posted to
*Radius the message is set to. It can be set from a sensitivity from 10 feet, up to 5 miles
*Daily: If photos/messages will be available on a daily basis, whereby the photo/message will be displayed once a day

In order for a photo to pop up, users have to be in the geographical location of where the photo was posted while in “Beaming” mode, and following that person.

"Since we started using the app, users have beamed hundreds of messages and pictures…and it’s just the beginning,” Beam says.


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