Aussie Social Netball Group Gains New Grounds, Lead Lets Slip Winning Framework

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Renowned Melbourne-based Social Netball group Melbourne Netball recently announced the inclusion of a three-court Ascot Vale site to the list of sports venues the group uses to accommodate its growing membership roster, to the delight of many local netball enthusiasts. A brief talk with Founder and Company Director Clare Heasly has her explaining why hitting such a milestone did not come as a surprise for her team. She also reveals key approaches and unique features of her group - views which she believes laid the groundwork for their continued success.

Social Netball

Melbourne Netball understands the complexities of individual player skill levels... that all vary within one whole team. To enable all players to play the sport with enjoyment regardless of skill levels requires a completely different approach.

Shortly after the announcement was posted on its website not long ago, the city’s lead Melbourne Social Netball outfit for Mixed, Ladies and Over 35s netball categories Melbourne Netball has commenced tapping the three-court Ascot Vale netball facility – the fifth and newest venue the group opened to its members – setting up games there every Monday and Thursday.

Even with this recent expansion, Heasly claims her group “...sets a different sway compared to the development of all other profit-driven social netball businesses in Melbourne."

Melbourne Netball understands the complexities of individual player skill levels that all vary within one whole team. To enable all players to play the sport with enjoyment regardless of skill levels requires a completely different approach to service all players at all times.

“Coaching is a unique service built into the role of the netball umpire’s job in social netball competitions. This communication aids the individual players immediately while on a game, so they can have more satisfaction where possible as a player,” Heasly advises.

“With this,” she adds, “we help in establishing an avenue for netball followers to become ‘Nationally Badged’ Netball Umpires where possible or qualifying them via the company’s own Umpire Training Trademark.”

“What is unique to this company’s umpire development program is how we integrate sports psychology into the service while keeping all varying players and continuing to provide a committed service that upholds open communication between both the umpires and the players,” she further explained.

A qualified Master Practioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming of the mind, Heasly maintains that “...this studying has enabled [me] to take a very close look at this Melbourne Social Netball culture that is missing the role of a coach and continues to remain a different netball experience than what the traditional netball non-profit associations provide.”

“We pay particular attention to non-trained amateurs because we want them to experience how brilliant this sport is and keep them in the sport long term. If these less-experienced players can’t experience some type of achievement as a beginner, a social dynamics can take them away from the sport rather than expand the team as a whole.”

“While it takes a lot more time, attention and money, I believe it is all worth it. I want continue to expand the sport as a netball provider where possible. It is highly satisfying to my selected staff umpires to see the impact of our service as these amateur Melbourne social netball players improve to truly extraordinary abilities they didn’t know they could achieve. This can have an enormous impact on their own individual confidence levels across time and outside their games.”

“This is a dominant feature of Melbourne Netball,” she additionally revealed, and that it is “ of the main reasons why so many players and teams keep coming back (to us) year after year. The quality of the staff service to the clients is – and it should always be – extremely satisfying to all that participate. “Expanding to Ascot Vale,” Heasly hastens to add, “is but one of the many timely decisions we have made working under that principle.”


Melbourne Netball is a professionally run company Heasly started in 1996. With a solid corporate structure under her leadership, it has since dominated the industry here for both social and competitive Netball activities. It operates within the inner suburbs of Melbourne's CBD, with venues located at Flagstaff Gardens, two in Richmond, one in South Yarra and now also in the new Ascot Vale.

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