Teeth Bleaching with Carbamide Peroxide can be Dangerous According to a Study of "Brazilian Oral Research" - by "Mega Teeth Whitening ltd."

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New Research shows side effects of using teeth whitening products with carbamide peroxide agent. According a study of Brazilian Oral Research in 2012 - by "Mega Teeth Whitening ltd."

As many people struggled to have whiter teeth, more and more innovations have been developed as a response to teeth whitening or teeth bleaching need. Various ways to whiten people’s teeth have been offered in grocery stores and in various cosmetic dental clinics. Some can be purchased instantly like toothpastes which have been used largely. Other comes in special treatment kit like the whitening tray kit which is normally expensive. Another one is the over the clinic procedure wherein patient will be going to have a session with a cosmetic dental surgeon for a teeth bleaching session.

While people have been pushing to get whiter teeth, underlying side effects of teeth bleaching have not been totally discussed well. While there are no reports proving that teeth bleaching have side effects there are some reports of an incident that more and more exposure to bleaching agents can damage the teeth enamel. While there is no reported side effects improper administering of bleaching agents can lead to complications which may cause gum irritation. In cases like administering bleaching agent at home, ingesting is a common accident. Bleaching agents or gel normally contain hydrogen peroxide which is not advised to be ingested because it can do serious damage to the body. Swallowing such chemicals can cause patients nausea or burning. Other symptoms of prolonged exposure to hydrogen peroxide can lead to gum irritation such as cold and hot food sensitivity to the mouth.

According to a study conducted by Brazilian Oral Research in 2012, peroxide agent specifically carbamide peroxide which is also used as a bleaching agent, causes sensitivity into the teeth enamel. It has been explained that teeth bleaching agent such as carbamide peroxide can expose the microscopic particles of the tooth which is known as dentin. Research explained that when hot or cold water has reached the dentin, sensitivity will be felt. The sensitivity will be more intensified when the teeth’s temperature warms back to the patient’s body temperature. Permeability occurs as the teeth bleaching agent exposes more dentin. More and more sensitivity will be felt after teeth bleaching time has increased. While there are really no detailed reports on the side effects made from bleaching, the study is just a sort of warning because people have different reactions to chemicals. But as long as professionals in cosmetics dentistry industry has recommended that bleaching can still be applicable and available, there is no need to worry about side effects.

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