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Statusreel's facebook centric status widget has been increasing both website and bloggers traffic. Websites are finding the ability for their users to be able to search statuses live as a massive traffic driver. Bloggers who embed the widget have found an instant increase in visitors from all countries.

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Facebook Statuses via StatusReel

Hardcore bloggers will now have another chance to increase their click-through rate by up to 175%. This has been proven by certain studies, attributing to the massive activity in Facebook. Statusreel, a new Facebook widget, is about to level the playing field of all widgets by providing universal access to different user statuses. Statusreel has been considered as one of the best ‘social connector’ widgets and it is gradually making a name for itself. This Facebook widget is also a generator of blog visitors—that is why many people are beginning to see its clear purpose.

Statusreel has a very simple interface, and many bloggers believe that it is user-friendly. A large percentage of users are actually non-bloggers; they only use the website to generate friends and contacts for Facebook. How does Statusreel works? First, a specific keyword must be typed in the status feeder. After clicking SEARCH, Facebook users who used that keyword will be displayed by the status feeder. The users are clickable, of course, granting an improved connectivity to anyone using Statusreel. Some Statusreel users also mentioned that the widget generated Facebook likes to a certain degree. This is totally helpful, especially for online businesses and advocacies.

Fortunately, much can be said for regular bloggers too. Since Statusreel is a widget, bloggers have the opportunity to install it in their sites. From there, Statusreel helped improve click-through rates. For online entrepreneurs, this is a clear advantage for their marketing efforts. Since Facebook status is considered as the voice of the user, Statusreel clearly plays a major role. In the home page, there is also a list of categories that anyone can visit. These categories are Woman Statuses, Pickup Statuses, Funny Statuses, and many more. Each category has a set of statuses that can be copied at any time. According to Statusreel statistics, people love to visit funny Facebook statuses. This is probably because of the reason that funny statuses generate more likes than average ones. For example, a Facebook user can attract lots of attention if he or she posts funny and witty quotes on a daily basis.

Another factor that makes Statusreel unique is its easy installation format. After customizing the appearance of the widget, the user can now embed it through the means of an HTML code. There, he will see the status feeder updated by the minute. Usually, it takes only a few days before the regular blogger makes friends through the Statusreel widget, provided he is always online.

If, in case, the user is having a hard time coming up of effective keywords, there are usable tags in the home page. These tags are optimized according to their ranks in the cyberspace. Some famous tags are Fantasy, Relationship, Dragons, and Online Chat. People who are also searching for the best Facebook status can benefit a lot from Statusreel by interchanging one keyword search after another. Mixing and matching statuses from different users can definitely create something new and authentic. This technique of status-mixing has been used for quite some time already, and is even improved by Statusreel.

About is a product designed to give end-users an instant amount of facebook statuses in real-time. Users can search via keyword or by subject matter to see what chatter is taking place publicly on facebook and the web. Statusreel also allows websites and blogs to embed a facebook status widget directly into their site. Statusreel is a web based facebook tool that is 100% free.

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