Forbes Consulting Group’s Groundbreaking Research on Health & Wellness Identifies Three Distinct Groups of Millennial Consumers

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Innovative MindSight® Neuroscience Technique Reveals Rich Diversity Among Generation Y

The results of a new study on Millennial consumers (age 18-29) by the Forbes Consulting Group ( identifies three distinct subgroups of Millennials providing clear direction for marketers seeking to target this age group with compelling products and communications. These new findings focus upon the feelings Millennials have about their personal health and wellness. The research utilizes Forbes Consulting’s proprietary MindSight® applied neuroscience technology to access and explain specific emotions that influence consumers' purchase decisions.

Key Findings from the Millennial Research

The three groups of Millennials that MindSight® identified with respect to personal health and wellness issues include:

  •     Health Connectors are a group motivated by the need to feel like they fit in with others and reduce feelings of insecurity in their lives. They tend to be female, married, more focused on weight-loss than other Millennials and are heavy users of fat-free foods and weight-loss programs. They also are more likely to have had plastic or gastric bypass surgery. They tend to have a more conservative political outlook than other Millennials.
  •     Health Actives are a group motivated by the need to feel empowered and achieve tangible successes with respect to their health and wellness. They tend to be males who are more educated, politically liberal minded and more likely to stay single than other Millennials. They spend money on gym memberships, running gear and energy bars. They seek out specific health foods like whole grain breads, nuts and seeds, and quinoa.
  •     Health Individualists are a group motivated by the need to feel they have a unique identity and personal appearance, and they seek social recognition from others about their knowledge and understanding of issues related to health and wellness. This group has a higher incidence of body tattoos and piercings. They give themselves permission to indulge by smoking and eating ice cream and candy more than other Millennials. They are also more likely to purchase socially responsible brands and locally produced foods.

“These three very different segments of Millennials provide a roadmap for marketers seeking to develop compelling messages that resonate with these consumers,” says Dr. David Forbes, President and CEO of Forbes Consulting Group. “The weight and body-image concerns of Health Connectors, for example, make them ideal targets for fat-free, low-fat, sugar-free products and big-ticket health expenditures. Their emotional desire to belong suggests marketing strategies emphasizing togetherness.”

About the Millennial Research
The study involved a nationally representative sample of 1,000 interviews with Millennial-aged respondents in the US. The research was conducted online and included the use of Forbes Consulting’s proprietary MindSight® technology to directly access the emotions of Millennials and explain what is motivating them with respect to health and wellness.

About Forbes Consulting Group
Founded in 1985 and based in Lexington, Massachusetts, the Forbes Consulting Group is a strategic and innovative market research company providing clients with deeper levels of insight about emotions and motivations - and helping them gain strategic market advantage on the strength of this insight. In its 26-year history, Forbes Consulting Group has become a valued resource for Fortune 500 companies. For more information, including the opportunity to receive a demo of MindSight®, please contact sales(at)forbesconsulting(dot)com.

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