Is Education Critical for Getting a Job? - Eureka Advertising Launches a Survey

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Digital Expert, Kishore Dharmarajan, seeks answers to the question that’s on the minds of lots of people: “Is Education Critical for Getting a Job?” Mr. Kishore’s Education Quiz seeks that answer in a bold new survey at

education critical for jobs

Is education critical for getting a job

Do you think education is important for getting a job?

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While many young people rush to join the latest course to get the finest jobs, one Dubai based digital expert is taking a look at the topic in a whole new way by asking the world to take a survey: “Is Education Critical for Getting a Job?”

As Kishore shared, “After reading blogs and forums that extol the virtue of getting the best possible education for jobs, I was curious to know how people from around the world thought about education in this digital age.”

“It is also amazing to see the number of books that are coming out every year about education related jobs.” Kishore continues, “A peek at or a stroll through your local bookstore will show you the growing interest in job-related education books.”

While books like ‘Job Readiness to ‘Society 3.0: How Technology Is Reshaping Education, Work and Society’ support education for getting job, other books like "Giving up on School: Student Dropouts and Teacher Burnouts" explain that it is far better to get workplace experience than a regular degree.

Kishore also revealed another reason for taking his education quiz to the world. “There are people who vouch for education before getting a job, while others say work experience is even more critical. The education quiz is taking this survey to the world and trying to get answers from the online world..”

Utilizing sophisticated database technology as part of his role as a digital expert, Mr. Kishore will publish the answer to “Is Education Necessary for Getting a Job” once responses to his education quiz have been tabulated from around the world.

Kishore encourages people of all countries to take the Education quiz. Respondents will be added to a special notification list alerting respondents when survey results are published. The survey, and the details of the participation, can be viewed at

Several online newsletters have publicized the Education quiz. Mr. Kishore hopes to make world news of a more inspirational kind when he has the answer in hand.

To submit answers to the question “Is Education Necessary for Getting a Job?” and register to discover the collective responses when results are made available, visit the Education survey or reach Kishore Dharmarajan directly at (0097150) 698-6164.

Kishore Dharmarajan is the author of Sniper Marketing and a trusted authority on Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing. Besides Sniper Marketing, Kishore Dharmarajan has published two books including Eightstorm: 8 Step Brainstorming for Innovative Managers, Beyond Guerrilla Marketing, How to Think & Innovate Like Steve Jobs and has spoken in front of thousands on such topics as Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing.

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