Next Four Titles in L. Ron Hubbard Stories from the Golden Age Released at Golden Age Theater in Hollywood

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The next four titles in L. Ron Hubbard's Stories from the Golden Age were released Saturday, March 3: "Trouble on His Wings"- air adventure; "Hell's Legionnaire" - military adventure; "Death Waits at Sundown" - western; and, "Mouthpiece - mystery."

Before a packed room in the L. Ron Hubbard library, John Goodwin, president Galaxy Press, toasted the release of the next four titles in the Stories from the Golden Age.

We recently announced having reached the one million sold mark and are well on our way to the next million.

The next four titles in L. Ron Hubbard’s Stories from the Golden Age were released Saturday night, March 3, following the evening’s show at the Golden Age Theater located on Hollywood Blvd. Before a packed room in the
L. Ron Hubbard library, John Goodwin, president Galaxy Press, released the titles with a toast to happy reading and successful sales.

“With 45 titles, we are now over the half-way point,” Goodwin announced to the attendees. “Since our launch we have reached several milestones along the way. We recently announced having reached the one million sold mark and are well on our way to the next million.” Since fall of 2008, Galaxy Press has been releasing these volumes at a rate of 12 per year with the aim of creating a pulp fiction renaissance. “In point of fact, since our launch in 2008, Stories from the Golden Age is now available in over 40 nations.”

Stories from the Golden Age is a line of 80 volumes comprised of 153 stories written in the 1930s and 40s, considered America’s Golden Age of storytelling. These stories were written by L. Ron Hubbard in all the popular genres ranging from science fiction and fantasy, to mystery, thriller and adventure, to western and even romance using his own and 15 different pen names. They are being produced as both trade paperback as well as unabridged multicast audiobook.

"Trouble on His Wings" (Galaxy Press, $9.95 book or audio)
It was Hubbard’s experience as a pilot that made the first title, an air adventure, so thrilling. A DC journalist for The Pilot magazine in July 1934 reported, “…the flaming haired pilot hit the city like a tornado a few years ago and made women scream and strong men weep by his aerial antics. He just dared the ground to come up and hit him… Ron could do more stunts in a sailplane than most pilots could do in a pursuit job. He would come out of spins at an altitude of thirty inches and thumb his nose at the undertakers who used to come out to the field and titter.”
"Trouble on His Wings" is a thrilling air-adventure story about pilot Johnny Brice, a hard working and successful “picture-chaser” and top dog reporter until he meets the pretty girl Jinx. And no matter what he does, things just keep going wrong.

"Hell’s Legionnaire" (Galaxy Press, $9.95 book or audio)
The French Foreign Legion story, "Hell’s Legionnaire," is about American Dusty Colton who is fleeing the Legion to escape a harsh prison sentence only to rush headlong into a Berber tribal lair. Despite his long odds against a successful solo escape, he can’t leave a captive American woman—who happens to be very beautiful—behind and must find a way for them to outrun the Berbers and the Foreign Legion.

"Death Waits at Sundown" (Galaxy Press, $9.95 book or audio)
"Death Waits at Sundown" is pure western adrenaline, Hubbard style of course, about Lynn Taylor, a hard-riding, two-fisted Texan who isn’t interested in depriving the town of Pioneer of its necktie party—another name for a lynching—he just wants to save his wrongly accused brother and substitute the real culprit.

"Mouthpiece" (Galaxy Press, $9.95 book or audio)
In 1934 L. Ron Hubbard was the youngest-ever president of the New York Chapter of the American Fiction Guild. To promote more accurate use of factual detail in detective and mystery fiction, he invited the coroner to share his professional expertise with Guild members over lunch. Hubbard recounted, “They would go away from the luncheon the weirdest shades of green.” In later years, and to enlarge his range of study, Hubbard became a special officer with the Los Angeles Police Department.

"Mouthpiece" is a murder-mystery about Mat Lawrence, the engineer son of a murdered gangster who enlists the “help” of his father’s fast-talking criminal attorney—referred to as a mouthpiece—and stalks after the murderers and a million dollars gone missing. A sure recipe for bullets, lies and bedlam.

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