Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control Expands into New York in 2012 while Bed Bugs Expand Across the East Coast

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Why Alco NJ Animal and Pest Control is a leading pest control company in dealing with the increasing bed bug epidemic in 2012.

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Just last August the New Jersey State Senate approved a bill to promote the eradication of bedbugs to ensure the epidemic gets under control. All commercial businesses in New Jersey that have beds will have to have agreements with exterminators so that there is a plan in case bed bugs are found. In addition, all hotels, hospitals, and nursing homes are required to have bedbug treatment plans. Because this bill does not handle residential homes it is important that each individual person controls bed bugs on their own to ensure the bed bug population stays down. This is especially important now, because bed bug infestations have been increasing every year. In 2004 there were 377 reported cases of bed bug infestations in New York City. In 2005 there were five hundred just between July and November. Since the year 2000, the number of bed bugs in the Eastern United States has increased by 81%. By 2010 there were many hundreds of reported infestations in dozens of towns and cities across New Jersey such as Newark, Jersey City, Kearny, Elizabeth, and Perth Amboy.

Bed bugs have been known to humans for thousands of years, but they have recently returned to the Eastern United States in record numbers. To some, these little bugs might just seem like minor annoyances, but if one knows enough about them they will be able to see why they need to be eliminated from human habitations. These minuscule hemoparasites cause uncomfortable skin welts, decrease the sanitary standards of your living space, and are incredibly difficult to remove. This means if someone gets a big infestation you might have to spend thousands of dollars and destroy some of your cherished possessions. It will definitely be a lot more painful if you don't hire a knowledgeable pest control professional.

There are some theories as to why bed bugs have returned in recent years. One is that there has been a change in the methods extermination used by pest control companies. Regardless of the reason it is important to contact a trained professional to deal with them. Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control is perfectly suited to dealing with any pest control problem you might have, but especially bed bugs. Alco specializes in humanely dealing with pest problems from both a human and animal perspective. For example: say bed bugs have infested the king-sized bed someone receives as a wedding gift. Alco understands how sentimental an object like this is, so delicate methods will be used to remove the bugs without harming the bed. Considering bed bugs have recently increased their population in nearby New York City over twofold, it’s satisfying to know that Alco keeps up with the latest methods.

Alco NJ Animal & Pest Control has recently begun to expand to New York in order to deal with the massive influx of bed bugs in recent years. This new offshoot company, Alco Pest NY, has its own website and contact information to better assist residents of that state in dealing with their bed bug problems. Alco deals with every sort of client, whether they are residential, commercial, or government. Some of the company's most important state and county government clients include the Bergen County Police Department, the Bergen County Court House, and the Passaic County Housing Authority. The company's owner, Alan Constantino, even gave a talk about bed bugs for the New Jersey Environmental Health Association in 2007. Alco will use this knowledge to combat bed bugs in both New Jersey and New York State in order to ensure the epidemic is brought back under control.

Some common questions we are asked include:

"What is a bed bug?"

Bed bugs are small hemoparasitic insects that live inside of human habitations. The word hemoparasite means the bugs feed on human blood, which they do at night while their “prey”, humans, are sleeping. They hide in clothes, bedsprings, and cracks in the wall. They will live wherever they can fit, and wherever they think they won't be found. Bed bugs are in the insect order known as Hemiptera, also known as the “true bugs”. These insects are all relatively small and ovular, and they resemble beetles except for the fact that they lack mandibles and hard outer wing casings. The mandibles on true bugs have been modified to become sucking mouthparts, which in bed bugs are used to pierce human skin. Aphids are also true bugs, and their mouthparts are used to pierce plants to suck sap.

"Where did bed bugs come from?"

Bed bugs are thought to have come from the ancient Middle East, but they spread quickly around the world because their preferred source of blood, humans, did as well. They were recorded as a nuisance by many ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans.

"Why are bed bugs in New Jersey? Why are there so many more of them now than ever before?"

Bed bugs are thought to have arrived in the New World starting with the voyages of Christopher Columbus. Waves of immigration from the 18th-19th century through Ellis Island greatly expanded the population in the New York City area (including New Jersey), but they were almost eradicated in the 40's because of the pesticide known as DDT. This pesticide was very harmful to the environment, however, so it stopped being used. Regardless, bed bugs have likely reappeared in recent years not from a lack of DDT spraying but from increased resistance to poisons and other pest control methods, as well as an increase in international travel by humans.

"Why are bed bugs harmful?"

Bed bugs are not especially harmful, but they can leave unsightly and itchy welts across your skin after they feed on your blood. They cannot carry disease either, but it is still never good to have an infestation of tiny blood sucking insects inside of your home or business.

"Why should I hire a professional pest control company?"

Bed bugs are excellent at hiding, they breed extremely fast, and they are very resilient. Professional pest control companies know how to look into the tiniest crevices to find them, and employ the latest techniques to kill them once they are hunted down. They know many things about bed bugs that you might not be able to find out about by searching the Internet, like how to combine a regiment of pesticides and simple household cleaning procedures to eradicate the little bugs from your home.

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