A Sharp Knife Is A Safe Knife – Capehart Cutlery On Reducing Cuts

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Notable Mobile Knife Sharpener To La’s Top Restaurants, Chefs And Celebrities Brings A Unique Approach To Food Industry Safety And Effectiveness

Christopher Capehart knows knives and knows how to handle them. In the culinary world of Southern California, he's the go-to guy for keeping all the best knives in the region sharp. With over 23 years of experience, one of Christopher Capehart's central missions is to see cuts in the kitchens of restaurants and food service establishments reduced. Employee safety and overall risk management are highly important in today's epicurean culture. With the goal of bringing down injury statistics, and addressing the cost and coverage of insurance policies, Christopher Capehart believes that all employees need to be educated in the all-important, specialized area of knife safety.

Capehart Cutlery has produced an instructional video, geared toward the professional culinary professional, that highlights the basics of knife safety: http://www.capehartcutlery.com/HSP5NqPZKO What do you do when you drop a knife? How do you choose the right knife, and the safest knife, for the job? What role does balance play in knife safety? What is the best way to store a knife? Why is it important to use warm, not hot, water when sanitizing a knife? Why do many cuts happen occur during the drying of just-washed knives? Christopher Capehart answers all and more in his informative, entertaining and consummately professional demeanor.

One of the most important factors in maintaining safety in a kitchen is to ensure that your knives are sharp. Steeling a knife is a special skill that must be perfected to be effective. In another of the fascinating, user-friendly collection of videos on the Capehart Cutlery's Youtube Channel http://www.capehartcutlery.com/T7BKgBXXlf, Christopher Capehart shows us how to use a steel – an often misunderstood tool – to achieve the most productive, sharpest, and safest knife edge http://www.capehartcutlery.com/eVL1UHIn1b

With his many years at the forefront of knife servicing, sales, development and education, Christopher Capehart brings a level of expertise that is unsurpassed. With the knowledge that he has acquired from sweeping hands-on experience in a multitude of diverse environments and situations, he hopes to inform both the culinary industry and the general public about the fascinating, valuable and exciting use and care of knives. In addition to the operation of two mobile knife-sharpening trucks, and numerous service relationships with restaurants, culinary television shows and celebrity accounts, Christopher Capehart is a quest speaker on knife skills and safety at AI Culinary School in Santa Monica, and Le Cordon Bleu in Hollywood and Pasadena. He is also the West Coast Sharpener for Henckel Knives. Christopher' comprehensive website receives numerous hits every day, and he has a 100% rating on Yelp http://www.capehartcutlery.com/tT606KsGXf Capehart Cutlery maintains an active Facebook page http://www.capehartcutlery.com/oXS83ZBcRe and a rapidly expanding Twitter presence http://www.capehartcutlery.com/YFafY9JLYL

In an industry that caters to the joy of the culinary experience and a high level of customer satisfaction, kitchen knife safety is a topic of practice that cannot be overlooked. Sharp knives, used wisely, are key to the success of a business. Capehart Cutlery is pleased to join forces with food-related business owners everywhere, in striving to reduce the number of injuries from cuts in the workplace.

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