Tahitian Noni Announces the Most Successful Product Launch in Company History

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New Bioactive Beverage Contains Four Times the Iridoids of Original TNJ

New Bioactive Beverage from Tahitian Noni

If we knew in 1996 what we know now, we would have launched the company with this as our flagship product

Tahitian Noni International (TNI) just announced their most successful product launch in company history–even more successful than the launch of original Tahitian Noni Juice in 1996. There is a world-wide demand for real, scientifically validated, bioactive solutions to today's health concerns. This new bioactive beverage seems to have fueled that demand.

Next month, TNI will begin shipping a new bioactive beverage–one that will change the industry. It contains more iridoids than any other product on the market–with double the iridoids of Extra, and quadruple the iridoids of TNI’s Original Bioactive Beverage. John Wadsworth, president of TNI, stated, “If we knew in 1996 what we know now, we would have launched the company with this as our flagship product.”

The anticipation has been palpable. IPCs on every continent recognize the unique nature of this new product, and they're scrambling to get their hands on it as soon as possible. In February, TNI made this new product available for pre-order and the order lines were swamped. After just one week of pre-sales (even though the product name has not yet been released), IPCs have made this the most successful product launch in company history.

The significance of that fact cannot be overstated. In the United States, they sold out of the 2,000 promotional pre-orders in less than half a day. In Japan, the order lines were backed up for hours. In Russia, and parts of Europe, the sales staff had to work overtime to meet the needs of the customers in that area.

This new bioactive beverage will be available in April during ILC 2012. It's the first time in company history that they will be launching a product globally, in over 30 countries–all at the same time.

For more information about TNI’s Bioactive Beverages, please go to http://www.tni.com.

About the Company
Tahitian Noni International (soon to be Morinda Bioactives in April) is a global, research-driven bioactive products company that was the first to introduce the health benefits of the noni plant—a bioactive-rich, adaptogenic plant, containing iridoid compounds—to the world outside of Tahiti. Tahitian Noni International is the leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of noni-based bioactive products including nutritional supplements, beauty, and weight loss lines. Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Tahitian Noni International is the world-wide leader in bioactive supplements.
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