Zypline Releases The Worlds Simplest WYSIWYG Internet Posting System

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Zyppages enables anyone, anytime to post any document in minutes and establish their mobile number as the internet link.

“With Zyppages Voice Mail message becomes sales tool. Users can change their voice mail greetings from the usual platitudes of have a nice day to a valuable business tool,” said Ray Kasbarian, CEO of Zypline.

Zypline Services announced today the public availability of its Zyppages™ application for individuals and small business owners.

The Zyppages’ patent-pending method instantly uploads documents and establishes the owner’s mobile number as the internet link creating an instant and valuable online presence.

The self-published open-format (wysiwyg) page can be a schedule, party plan, professional service, work availability, recipe, family event, territory served, or even a personal blog. Zyppages enables friends, colleagues, customers to easily get current details on a social event, a business or a service.

A true WYSIWYG process

Web postings always have to conform to the rules of someone else requiring learning and adding confusion. Zyppages users post content the way they want it to be seen. They just create content on a computer, save it, upload and they are done.

Many Simple, Powerful Uses

Zyppages enables users to post important business and social information that is accessed when needed. It enables users to instantly create a valuable internet presence without depending on anyone else.

  •         A part-time programmer or other service provider can use their business card for identification indicating details available their mobile number on Zyppages.
  •         Home workers can update a document of new creation and post for customers and followers to get immediate information.
  •     Bulletin board flyers and newsletter can refer to using phone numbers to get more details; those dangling phone tabs become more valuable.
  •     Write and post family picnic details and assignments reducing phone time.

Voice Mail Message Becomes Sales Tool

“With Zyppages users can change their voice mail greetings from the usual platitudes of have a nice day to a valuable business tool,” said Ray Kasbarian, CEO of Zypline. “This is one of great uses, it eliminates endless phone tag and protects against losing customers.” A message on busy could say “Sorry I missed your call, please go to Zyppages and enter the number you just called for important detail’”. Details could be that evening’s yoga schedule, the party schedule, the real estate listing or any other important data.

Easy To Use

It only takes a few minutes and a few simple steps to create an initial online page or to edit an existing page.

  •      Enter mobile number on Zyppages to create or edit flyer:
  •      Authorize changes via verification code sent to your mobile.
  •      Upload selected WORD or PDF business flyer or data sheet.

No Account Registration

Users do not have to register, nor provide an email, nor create and retype passwords. The system works totally on one-time SMS verification codes time and can support updates with approver not present.

About Zypline Service

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Zypline provides a connection-engine communications platform for personal brands and their customers. It instantly delivers target pages without unnecessary search and navigation steps. The Company is developing many applications built around its breakthrough patent pending, one-step, connection engine platform that links Proprietary Digital Indexes™ (Personal, Corporate, and Agency) to profiles and other data.

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