Road Codes to be QR Code Killer

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The Road Code fills a need for instant information and is safer than QR codes.

As of late, the interactive technology in the marketing world known as the QR Code has been garnering a ton of bad press for its many limitations, and being fully aware of these limitations, Paul Brocky and Tom Catuosco created The Road Code to be the QR Code killer. QR codes, originally designed to track auto parts at car factories, are soon to become road kill as The Road Code targets on-the-go consumers, making the dissemination of information easy to use, safe, and more effective than its predecessor.

The Road Code offers free 4-character alpha numeric codes for users to create to their own mini website, or use as a website redirect identical to QR codes. With a Road Code, it’s easier for people to remember a unique 4-digit character code relatively easily and put it into The Road Code app on their smart phone or online when they get home. It isn’t necessary to snap an image of the code or remember a lengthy web address; this allows drivers a safe avenue to retain information posted on billboards and other outdoor advertising mediums, as opposed to the most recent hubbub about QR codes. As QR Codes are now becoming banned from outdoor media because of the safety issues with using a cellphone while driving, The Road Code has set out to become the ultimate QR killer by offering a more user-friendly and safe alternate.

“Every day we are excited about the potential of The Road Code,” stated Paul Brocky, co-owner of The Road Code. “Only 6% of all smartphone users have scanned a bar code or QR code and that should be an alarming statistic to marketers; despite the fact that they are free, they are causing more harm than good in many areas. The most recent news breaks about QR codes are certainly an opportunity for us to fill a void in that market and create a product that is easier to use, more effective and better looking.”

As of late, The Road Code has created hundreds of codes since the site’s launch on January 18th and is being used by people in all 50 states and more than 35 countries all over the world.

This online freeway for advertising allows users to log on and create their own mini website to promote anything their heart desires with an easy-to-use 4-character alpha-numerical code. The downloadable Road Code signs (already designed by The Road Code for users personal use) can be placed outside a home or business or in an advertisement that when you go to the Road Code website or app, you go to an entire page dedicated to whatever the advertiser want to promote.

The Road Code App gives users the ability to:

  •     Access Road Code’s anytime and any place
  •     Free access to real-time information on the go
  •     An easy-to-use app with rich content that gives users only the information that they want
  •     Ability to save the code on device for future reference.

Limitations of QR Codes:

  •     Can’t commit them to memory
  •     If the slightest bit damaged it becomes unreadable
  •     Need to stand still while taking a photo of it; Need to focus it
  •     If you change the URL destination of the code….you need to create a new code and print it out
  •     They don’t work in subways….no cell phone signal ; You need a cell signal for them to work.
  •     Road Codes can be read, written, and remembered (basic human instincts)

Users can download the application for Android, iPhone, and iPad from Android’s Market and iTunes, or by visiting where more information and screen shots are available. (Blackberry app soon to come)

In general, The Road Code, found at, is an online informational website that allows users to create their own mini websites that lets them post the who, what, when, where, why about anything they want to promote. Once they have put in all this information into a profile, complete with picture and video capabilities, they are given a four-digit code to use in their marketing and promotional efforts, as well as the ability to print The Road Code signs to post with this unique code. And the best part about the site is that it’s free!

For more information, please visit or call KKPR Marketing & Public Relations at 570.296.2333.


About The Road Code
The Road Code was created and developed by two long-time friends, Paul Brocky and Tom Catuosco in March of 2011 and launched as a free social media agglomeration that allows users to share information in a new and exciting way. Paul’s previous life experience in the “real estate world” sparked the idea that lets “drivers” on The Road Code create their own mini-site, which allows them to put the 5 W’s of whatever they would like - whether it’s an event, a realtor selling a home, someone selling their car, or whatever your heart might desire - and get a four-character code that can be put into the Road Code site (, or the free app, and all that information will be displayed. Complete with photo and video capabilities, the site truly allows people to promote their wares, events, existing websites or services for free.

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