Killer Influence - How to Be Instantly Influential in Any Situation, Attract the Money, Relationships and the Success That Is Deserved.

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This is easily the most powerful, fast, effective and “easy-to-use” system for persuading people to like, love and even adore you.

Killer Influence is easily the most powerful, fast, effective and “easy-to-use” system for persuading people to like you, love you, buy your products or services than than has ever been seen before.

Killer Influence: How to be instantly influential in any situation, attract money, relationships and the success that is deserved. In San Diego, CA 4 Killer Days - March 29th Through, April 1, 2012

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“Killer Influence is easily the most powerful, fast, effective and “easy-to-use” system for persuading people to like, love and even adore you. To buy your products or services People are often amazed at how fast others just start believing what is told to them. It's almost unfair ...but the truth is Killer Influence is the most ethical, easy and honest way to effortlessly persuade people to do what you want. I'm still blown away by what the Killer Influence System can do and I designed it!” said David Van Arrick, creator of The Killer Influence System

Learn the following 7 Killer Influence skills:

No. 1 How to make people to believe your are an expert at anything...even when your not! (using this one secret made several of my close associates a lot of money!)

No. 2 How to get people to think what you want them to think and still make them believe that they had a choice?

No. 3 Three killer ways to induce emotional states in people fast? How to use the techniques of peripheral hypnosis to program people and persuade them, all while they are on their guard! (This is another one of my favorite tricks that works like a charm!)

No. 4 How to master the power of social hypnosis -(these techniques can literally turn people into "social robots" Often mindlessly responding to what is wanted of them to do and coming up with all kinds of "socially acceptable" reasons to justify it... and that's just the beginning!

No. 5 Secrets of advanced social hypnosis- secrets for becoming ultra charismatic alpha male or female in any social gathering (these attraction generating secrets are very powerful!)

No. 6 The three cardinal laws of covert persuasion to live by… (Not having this essential knowledge crippled my progress for nearly a decade. But once mastered, these three ridiculously simple laws, my hypnotic power took a quantum leap virtually over night!)

No. 7 The dirty little secret most hypnosis “trainers” don’t want to share! (Knowing this can save thousands of dollars and hours of wasted time and effort!). Learn the top four reasons why most people fail when using covert hypnosis ! (Eliminating the "Fatal Four" enables the creation of a powerhouse of hypnotic persuasion any time anywhere!)

Killer Influence’s David Van Arrick states, “Being on a never ending search for the Real Secret Master-Keys to Covert Hypnosis, Persuasion and Influence Skills. Being an obsessed man. Seriously, someone should probably throw me in a mental institution. When I start thinking of something it rattles my brain until I've completely conquered it. Regardless of what it is, I get totally and painfully focused on it until I've become a master at it. It doesn't matter if my goal is being a black belt in three different martial arts or harnessing the most powerful energies on the planet. Take hypnosis for example, it was never good enough for me to know all the 'tricks of the trade.'

"Even after blowing people's minds every single night by teaching and training some of the most skilled hypnotists out there, it was never enough. That's the reason people considered me one of
the world's best and have developed techniques that no one else even thought possible. Look, it know that sounds like a lot of hype and science fiction. But it’s absolutely true, and now that we have been exposed to the world, there is absolutely no reason to hide my knowledge anymore. A lot of people asking me why haven't I just released all this information to everyone.The answer is simple: It's next to impossible to master these advanced tactics just by reading something. Secondly, this information is way too powerful to simply make public knowledge. This privileged information has to be sought after and has to be exclusive. That's why I will make everyone sign nondisclosure agreements. That's why this will be expensive.” said David Van Arrick.

"I've seen it a million times. People go to seminars and spend thousands of dollars on products to learn a few basic NLP skills, and then go out thinking they're hot stuff - only to find themselves in a sea of mediocrity once they start trying to apply those techniques in the real world on real people. Again, listen to the following very carefully: After taking this workshop, you will be able to influence anyone to do anything you want just by talking to them.I even guarantee it. If not, I will personally follow up with each and every student to coach them through the sticking points. It doesn't matter who, what, when, where, or why. Using the system will enable students to influence other people to do what you want them to with no problem at all. I know that is very hard to believe, but trust me...I've been doing it for years.Regardless if your an absolute beginner or you're already a self-proclaimed master of influence, these underground tactics will push you so far into the stratosphere that you'll be on another level of existence when it comes to sales, marketing, seduction, or therapy."

This is a must attend event in San Diego 4 Killer Days - March 29th Through, April 1, 2012.

About the Killer Influence Event:

This is my personal invitation to the amazing beach town of San Diego, California (actually about 10 minutes outside of San Diego) for 3 very extensive workshops days with me.

These workshops will be insanely heavy in both content and subject matter. Remember, we make attendees sign an NDA swearing never to divulge this information to anyone. If any of the information divulged, then you will immediately be sued by my extremely lethal team of lawyers.

To Attend this Killer Influence Event, Place your Order before the event sells out.

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Act now to be part of this once in a lifetime event or miss out forever. Learn these skills, and become the kind of person who can get whatever they want, just through their words. Is your life worth it? Your the one who can answer that question. If so, click on the link above and get here March, 29,30,31, and April 1, 2012. Remember, we can only guarantee 20 spots available for this amazing hands-on experience. And we are only accepting on a first come, first serve basis, so please don't wait for this once in a lifetime chance. After the 20 spots are taken... don't miss out on this exclusive chance to learn from me.

David Van Arrick

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