Biocide Systems™ To Showcase Proprietary Technology That Safely and Completely Removes Vehicle Odors At 2012 Car Rental Show

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Auto Rental Companies, Dealerships, Owners, Car Wash Operators and Detailers Rave about evolutionary New Odor-Eliminating Products

...permanently remove 100 percent of even the most stubborn odors from vehicles of all sizes, leaving behind only a fresh aroma similar to that of clean laundry

Biocide Systems™ will showcase Auto Shocker™ and ClO2 Liquid Shocker™, the safest and most effective products currently on the market for removing offensive smells from vehicles, for the first time to the car and truck rental industry at the Car Rental Show happening Monday and Tuesday, March 12 – 13, 2012, at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Auto Shocker™ and ClO2 Liquid Shocker™ truly exemplify the conference’s “Solving the 2012 Challenge” theme. Unlike other companies’ purported “odor removal” products that merely disguise bad smells, Auto Shocker™ and ClO2 Liquid Shocker™ totally eliminate all kinds of odors.

Thanks to a new, proprietary technology perfected by Biocide Systems™ and CLOO Labs, Inc. for use in the Bio-shocker™ line of products, it now is possible to safely, effectively, affordably and completely remove – not mask – any trace of stenches that can linger in the confined spaces of vehicles, including but not limited to cigarette smoke, spoiled foods, rotten milk, mildew, pets, urine and vomit. Central to these revolutionary products is the new ClO2DMG technology™ delivery technique that enables the odor-killing properties of chlorine dioxide (ClO2 – not to be confused with chlorine) to be safely and affordably delivered in a gas solution (Auto Shocker™) or liquid (Liquid Shocker™).

“One of the great things about Auto Shocker™ is its versatility,” noted Biocide Systems™ co-founder Spencer Blua. “The non-toxic, ClO2 vapors released by Auto Shocker™ move through the air and penetrate porous surfaces like fabrics, leathers and vinyl to permanently remove 100 percent of even the most stubborn odors from vehicles of all sizes, leaving behind only a fresh aroma similar to that of clean laundry,” Blua explained.

“Discovery of ClO2 as an odor-removing agent is not new, but this delivery process is newly developed to be more effective, safe and affordable,” Biocide Systems™ co-founder Juan Carlos Baselli said. “The Auto Shocker™ delivery system offers precise application and a ClO2 concentration specifically formulated for automotive applications. This is not a system developed for industrial cleaning use and additionally marketed to the auto industry. Auto Shocker™ was developed for this market alone,” Baselli continued, adding that the new technology also eliminates the possibility of chemical spills as well as the harsh chlorine smell that accompanies other ClO2 delivery systems.

In a nutshell, Bio-shocker™ developers have harnessed the power of active chlorine dioxide, one of the strongest yet safest hygienic odor elimination elements known. ClO2 has been used for more than 70 years as a disinfectant and odor eliminator in large, industrial applications, but until recently was not viable for smaller commercial and personal use. That has all changed with the development of the new Biocide Systems™ delivery technique that enables the super-odor-eliminating power of ClO2 to be safely and affordably delivered in a gas or liquid solution to consumers for smaller applications.

“Through this unique ClO2DMG technology™ delivery system, chlorine dioxide molecules are attracted to the odor-causing molecules, like a magnet is attracted to iron,” Baselli elaborated. “It will literally seek out the odor-causing molecules and oxidizes them, destroying the source of the odor effectively and permanently, which results in a restored safe, healthy, clean and odor-free environment.”

Car owners and members of the automotive industry rave about Auto Shocker™. Following is one example from the many success stories Biocide Systems™ has received – from an auto auction marketing manager: “I acquired a car from the original owner five years ago. She was a chain smoker and the car reeked of heavy smoke – all in the upholstery, air vents… everywhere. After trying seemingly every deodorizing product on the market to no avail, I tried Auto Shocker™ out of desperation,” he said. “When all was said and done, my car no longer smelled of smoke. It was miraculous! Auto Shocker™ is the best and most cost-effective solution I have ever found for removing unwanted odors from vehicles.”

Biocide Systems™ also will have samples of other Bio-shocker™ products, including Room Shocker™, RV Shocker™ and Marine Shocker™, at its Car Rental Show booth.

About Biocide Systems™
Los Angeles, Calif.-based Biocide Systems™ was founded Juan Carlos Baselli and Spencer Blua with a mission to make the many positive effects that chlorine dioxide has to offer easily available, affordable, environmentally friendly and above all safe, enabling small institutions, large industries and the general public alike to have access to all the benefits that ClO2 delivers. With almost limitless application potential, Biocide Systems™ products are safe, non-toxic and degrade into a saline solution with no harmful residue left behind. Every component is 100 percent biodegradable and eco-friendly – down to the packaging that is made from recycled materials and ink on the labels. All Biocide Systems™ products are manufactured in the USA.
Biocide Systems™ is dedicated to creating a cleaner, safer and healthier planet for us, our children and the generations to come.

Note: Biocide Systems™ co-founders Juan Carlos Baselli and Spencer Blua will be happy to discuss Auto Shocker™ and the unique technology behind it in more detail during the Car Rental Show at the Las Vegas Hilton Hotel and Casino, Monday and Tuesday, March 12-13. Please feel free to stop by and chat with them during conference hours at the Biocide Systems™ booth – Paradise North Exhibit Hall, Booth #406 (across from General Motors’ booth), or contact Dienna D’Olimpio, BBPR, Inc., 310.980.6936, to arrange an interview another time.

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