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MyShindigs offers a social gathering management software service intended for celebration, and recreation at all life stages...

In the summer of 2009, two friends had a moment of clarity in the midst of their wilder bachelor days. Confined by an inadequate online presence of social life management tools and the shortfalls of using your real identity in combination with work colleagues and those in your social circle on current social media websites, the idea of MyShindigs was born. It was to be a place online where you were free to socialize as publicly or as anonymously as you wished without fear of losing your job the next day because you were recognized by your boss in a photo from your friend’s house party or colleague's bachelor party holding an alcoholic drink in one hand and a brassier in the other. "What drew us to the space was the fact that there was a pressing need for change in how people used social media," say Jason Andrews and Matthew Tautt, MyShindigs Co-founders.

The main objective was to develop a website and social software platform that allowed users to plan, manage, share and promote their public, private, social, and company parties. To play voyeur by peering into the lives of those you're interested in socializing with. The newly launched first beta version of the platform allows members to expand their circle of friends, meet and socialize with current and new groups of people around common interests and real life social activities. MyShindigs boasts new unique features such as City Chaperone which involves members who are interested in showing visitors the hot spots around their city. The website is fast gaining the attention of many new registrants which the co-founders refer to as The Shindig Nation.

MyShindigs offers a social gathering management software service intended for celebration, and recreation at all life stages for all ages whether it's your birthday, frat party, milestone anniversary, house warming, or retirement party. "It's not only for the general public; companies, cities, celebrities may all join in the fun and bring awareness to their events. Users are able to mingle with and rate service providers," says Jason.

"When we first conceived of the idea we noticed a lack of new and fun things to do around town and got really excited about the idea of creating your own adventure and the ability to invite yourself into new and different parties and events. We thought how powerful it would be for brands and bands for example to insert themselves into parties they think would have a relevant demographic. We wanted to invite all of the ingredients that make for a great party or shindig together and see what happens," says Matthew.

"What was initially intended for just the general public has evolved into a comprehensive option in the events management and promotion software space, but without the astronomical licensing fees because it's free," says Jason.

There are few current options for companies, charities and government institutions in helping to manage their organizational parties and events. However, the existing social networking platforms albeit inexpensive have many shortfalls for those engaged specifically in event planning and promotion and who have large databases of contacts. MyShindigs provides a robust web based social software platform that is highly focused, scalable and will be implementing increasingly more sophisticated and integrated event planning and management features in the coming weeks and months ahead.

"Our site focuses strictly on managing and expanding your social calendar without the bombardment of unnecessary apps. It allows for better segmentation of your professional and social life and we've created a fun, safe, anonymous environment for people who like to socialize and network. You can subscribe to, follow and attend parties and events or allow others to follow yours," add the co-founders.

In today's economy it seems like a good way for budding entrepreneurs, hosts, planners and event promoters who want to be the life of the party to maximize profit potential from their parties and events.

The charismatic entrepreneurial duo says the best is yet to come in future beta releases and from the looks of it the party has just begun for MyShindigs and its members.

About MyShindigs

MyShindigs is a social networking platform that specializes in allowing members to plan, organize, manage and promote their public, private and company events and parties. MyShindigs allows users to search out, share, follow and join each other's events and parties of interest to expand their social calendar throughout their lives. For more information, visit

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