Introduces Sexy High Heels, Platforms, Stilettos, Thigh High Patent and Leather Boots Along with their Huge Selection of Fantasy Toys and Fun Gifts

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When searching for unique and beautiful shoes, look at Many believe that all legs look great in high heels and men love all legs in those heels.

Lovetoys4us brings excitement, fun and love into your life!

“When I slip into a pair of heels, I am instantly taller,” one of our customers remarks. "For me, this makes me feel sexier and more confident and I radiate this out to both men and women.” believes they have added the most beautiful collection of shoes for fantasy, everyday wear and fun.

"When thinking of beautiful, exotic, fun, sexy shoes, think" says owner, Lori L. "We not only have the largest selection of fantasy toys and other fun adult gifts, we now have a beautiful collection of sexy and beautiful shoes."

Whether for fantasy or to complete a bedroom fantasy outfit or even for the everyday or office wear, there is a unique and interesting shoe for everyone out of the vast collection of Shoes at
When the site was recently launched from Austin, Texas, the owners felt the vast line of adult passion products, adult gifts and fantasy items would be by far the largest and most interesting on the Web. What was not expected was the tremendous number of shoe sales received along with great reviews of the shoes—all kinds of shoes purchased by men and women, for a wide variety of reasons.
What does a sexy pair of shoes have to do with anyone’s sex life? From what customers are telling the marketing group at, shoes can be a tremendous turn on, as well as a huge self-esteem and confidence booster for the wearer.

“When I slip into a pair of heels, I am instantly taller,” one of our customers remarks."For me, this makes me feel sexier and more confident and I radiate this out to both men and women around.”
Men love a woman who looks and feels confident and is confident to show off her femininity. After all, it is femininity that attracts masculinity and a pair of sneakers doesn’t create the same sense of being a feminine woman.

Although slightly surprised, the owners take pride in knowing and learning about what the customers want and need. So why is this, why do women wear high heels considering they are clearly not the most comfortable shoe to wear? And why do men love women in high heels?

High Heels accentuate a woman’s legs. Girls who are lucky enough to have a slim skinny leg, high heels help add some definition to the legs by emphasizing the calf muscle due to the raising of your heel from the ground. This adds shape and definition to the legs, creating a fuller, toned looking leg.

If the legs have a bit more thickness to them, then wearing high heels creates the illusion of elongating the legs and again adds some tone and definition to the calf muscle thus creating a more toned looking leg.
“The next time you see a girl walking down the street in a pair of high heels, watch the men walking behind her. She will have their attention drawn to her high heels, her legs and butt.” Says Brian, a customer. “Men that walk past her in the opposite direction, will turn their heads to get a glimpse as she struts down the pathway in her heels. My buddies and I love this look for any woman.”
Men love curves and high heels. High heels increase the curves of the legs & the arch of the foot. And based on the design of the shoe, it can expose the beauty of any woman's ankle and curve of her calves.
“The curve of a woman's calf is very sexy on any woman,” says one male customer. “I know, I know this sounds weird but men are weird and wonderful creatures aren't we, especially when it comes to what we like to see on women.”

Many women have never known this, but next time when slipping into a pair of heels, not only are you elongating your legs and adding definition to your calf muscles but you are also expressing your femininity.
The design of the shoe itself is very important. The slim skinny heel, the sleek feminine lines of the shoe and the often intricate detail that goes into a nice pair of High Heels attract attention also. It is much like a car to a man. The skinny slim and sexy lines of a well designed pair of beautiful high heels will turn a man's head much like a Ferrari.

The next time you are shopping for a pair of beautiful high heels, boots, fantasy shoes or unique, one-of-a-kind footwear shop

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