Ubokia.com Announces Trusted Virtual Marketplaces

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Ubokia.com, The Buyer-centric Marketplace, now allows users to create virtual marketplaces where members can buy, sell, and trade with others in their existing social communities or with those that share a common passion.

Community based marketplaces really make sense.

Ubokia, Inc. (http://www.ubokia.com), the Buyer-centric Marketplace, today announced üGroups, which enable users to quickly and easily create virtual marketplaces where members can buy, sell, and trade with others they know or share a common passion with. It is like creating custom marketplaces around existing social communities or around a particular passion. In addition, üGroups can be either Open or Protected. Open üGroups are typically associated with an Interest and anybody can join. Protected üGroups restrict who can join a üGroup and are set up as private marketplaces for an existing social community.

Most people already belong to existing communities or groups of people they know or share something in common with. This might be a local mom’s group, a church, local cycling club, the neighborhood you live in, or the business park where you work. Protected üGroups are kind of like Google Circles for buying, selling, and trading with people you are already affiliated with. Users can create a Protected üGroup, which is by invitation only, thus creating a much higher level of trust for buying, selling, and trading.

All of us have interests or passions that we share with other enthusiasts. Maybe it is antiques, classic cars, paintball, fishing, the Beatles, collectibles, video games, model railroads, snowboarding or skiing, and on and on. Wouldn’t it be great to have a marketplace for your passion? Ubokia Interest üGroups now make that a reality. Once you set up an Interest üGroup other enthusiasts that share your passion can join the üGroup and then browse, buy, sell, and trade with others that have the same interest.

“Community based marketplaces really make sense”, said Matt Pine, VP of Marketing. “If you are looking to borrow a ladder, posting that to a marketplace of your neighbors makes sense. If you are a mom looking for a baby sitter or someone to car pool with, you want to share your request with a group of other moms. This is not something you would do on Craigslist.”

Marketplaces where people who have a passion can buy, sell, and trade with others who share the same passion are really powerful. With Ubokia Interest üGroups it is not only possible, but easy and fun. There is really no limit except one’s imagination to the kinds of interest-based marketplaces you can create. A musician’s trading post where musicians can buy, sell, and trade old gear with other musicians is a cool example of a üGroup created by a user. Another interesting üGroup is for theatre and dance groups to share, swap, buy, and sell costumes and props.

At Ubokia.com, we believe the Buyer should be the rock star. With the release of üGroups, buyers have a powerful way to further personalize their buying experience.

About Ubokia, Inc.
Ubokia.com is a buyer-centric marketplace designed by buyers for buyers. In a reversal of the traditional e-commerce model, members post what they want to buy on Ubokia.com, and sellers respond with offers. Ubokia.com is designed to allow the buyer to personalize their buying experience and substantially increase trust.
For more information on Ubokia, visit http://www.ubokia.com or call 855-844-6620.

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