Arguing around Kids: the Not-So-Obvious Negatives

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Raleigh divorce lawyer Lee Rosen explores the immediate and future psychological impacts of arguing around children with counselor Bethlyn Johnson

Stay Happily Married contains a series of informational podcasts by North Carolina divorce lawyer Lee Rosen.
Parents need to… understand that what they’re doing can have an impact on their children.

Rosen Law Firm’s weekly podcast on, hosted by Raleigh divorce lawyer Lee Rosen, highlighted the dangers of fighting in front of children in a discussion with Bethlyn Johnson of Believe in Therapy in Raleigh on March 12.

Fighting in front of kids creates negative emotional responses – including fear of abandonment – that can impact the entire family, according to Johnson. Normal marriages do include fighting, and occasionally children overhear. Being open and honest with your kids, without inappropriately over-sharing adult details, can help your kids cope with the stress they experience during parental arguments.

Children can hear too much arguing, though, and it can cause serious consequences.

“In the short-term, the effects on the child can be that worry and that uncertainty… In the long-term, that can lead to anxiety, that can lead to depression, and that can lead to unhealthy communication styles that the children pick up from their parents,” says Johnson.

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