Ocean Care Solutions Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution & Portuguese Man o War 1st Aid Kit Available as Marine Stingers Return to Texas, Alabama and Florida Coastal Waters

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Riding the wind and ocean currents, hordes of blue, alien-like creatures descend upon Southern state coastal waters, entangling beach goers in poisonous tentacles and delivering painful stings by the hundreds.

Our specially formulated Jellyfish Sting Relief Solution with 5% acetic is the recommended application for jellyfish sting injuries including the Box Jellyfish.

Each invader, in fact, isn't an "it" but a "they" — a colony of organisms that combine to create a single entity; the Portuguese man-of-war. The seafaring wanderer with the neon-blue gas bag and tentacles as long as 30 feet seems more suited to a science fiction horror flick than a sunny tourist beach. But along coastal communities from the Carolinas south, around the Florida Keyes along the Gulf coastal beaches to South Padre Island, Texas, its appearance is a yearly, and painful, ritual. The most recent reports come from Brevard and Volusia Counties on the east coast of Florida, Orange Beach and Gulf Shores, Alabama as thousands of Man o War arrive along the Gulf coast of Texas.

The Man o' War wash ashore along the northern Gulf of Mexico and east and west coasts of Florida during the spring and late summer. Strong onshore winds have been known to drive them into bays or onto beaches in very large numbers. It is rare for only a single Portuguese Man o' War to be found as they typically travel in groups of 1,000 or more individuals driven onshore by southeasterly winds and the Gulf Stream's current.

Often called a jellyfish and differentiated between the Pacific Blue Bottle, the Atlantic Portuguese Man o War is the larger of the species and, like its cousin, is a colony composed of many individual polyps and so is a colonial organism. The Man o' War are infamous for their very painful, powerful sting which can cause serious effects, including fever, shock, and interference with heart and lung action. Ocean Care Solutions Man o War kit is custom designed to provide pain relief for this animal injury including the use of acetic acid and heat combination. Even so, "we caution anyone having suffered an injury from this animal to seek medical attention immediately because of the serious nature of this marine sting injury," according to Ocean Care Solutions' CEO Kevin Freeman.

"The use of acetic acid on the Man o War injury is not without controversy and differing opinions," according to Freeman. "We have seen very good results but acknowledge applying acetic acid can intensify the stinging pain in some cases but we believe this to be compared to pouring alcohol on an open wound...it stings but, in the end, the results are effective first aid. I suppose the difference is in individual pain tolerance but we believe the application of heat and acetic acid delivers the best results," according to Freeman.

"Having the acetic acid available in our Man o War kits serves a dual purpose since we are finding this kit, with our snap activated heat bar, is being regularly used on the Box jellyfish sting injury. Heat and acetic acid is the key," says Freeman. In the absence of any fact based scientific study, OCS is offering the option to use or not use acetic acid on the Man o War but strongly encourages the use of heat versus ice on this injury. "We stand by our research and belief that heat and acetic acid combined on the Man o War provides the most comprehensive pain relief for the injury".

Never before available on the consumer retail market, the team at Ocean Care Solutions took years researching medical studies, international medical journals, marine science research findings and consulted with well respect medical authorities on marine stings to determine the most effective first aid treatment products including protocol for a wide variety of jellyfish stings and the Man o War injury. The jellyfish sting relief spray and the kit has all the components to provide immediate pain relief including easy to understand instructions included in the durable, water tight, distinctive gold foil pouch. Doctor and medical facility recommended, Ocean Care Solutions is bringing painful marine sting first aid solutions to the consumer.

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