New Compact Radar to Plug Holes in Airport Perimeter Security

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SpotterRF's Compact Surveillance Radar provides a new low-cost solution to protecting the entire airport perimeter from undetected perimeter breach.

Pole Mounted M80 Compact Surveillance Radar

Perimeter security is the weakest link in airport safety

SpotterRF is announcing the release of the M80 compact radar as the latest tool to be used in Airport Security. This announcement comes after the need for ground radar for airport security was made evident, by a life-threatening perimeter breach at the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL). On March 1,2012 Kenneth Mazik barreled his SUV through a security fence at the Airport and drove onto the runway. Aircraft controllers were given only seconds to divert an incoming commercial jet before collision with the rogue vehicle. Fortunately, PHL was well prepared to deal with the incident; as Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Joseph Sullivan reported, “The ground radar kicked in; the tower was alerted immediately and they made sure to divert flights coming in and then quickly shut the airport down.” (ABC News 3/3/2012). In this case the extra seconds provided by the alert from the ground radar may have made the difference between life and death for the passengers aboard the approaching aircraft.

While PHL was fortunate to have the radar in place before the incident, there are many airports that have gaps in their radar coverage or lack Ground Surveillance Radar (GSR) entirely. Rep. Keating recently stated that “perimeter security is the weakest link in airport safety” and “In the last decade, there have been over 1300 known breaches to our airports' perimeter security throughout the country.” (States News Service 3/4/2012)

The barriers to having GSR at all airports has been the cost to acquire, install and maintain large GSR systems. However, in just the last two years a new class of ground radar has emerged, driven by the demands of expeditionary military units that needed the all-weather detection and tracking capability of radar but required it to be small, low power, simple and low cost. This new class of radar is called Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) and puts unprecedented power into the hands of security professionals.

SpotterRF is the leading manufacturer of CSRs and has two models built exclusively for perimeter security; the first is the M600C with 150 acres of coverage in a 4lb package that is roughly the size of a textbook. The second is the M80 with 40 acres of coverage, weighing less than 3lbs and consuming an average 9 watts, less than a third the power of a florescent light bulb. Unlike the large ground surveillance radars CSRs can be solar powered and installed in minutes without any trenching. Setup is as easy as an IP camera using its built-in web server and web based interface.

“The best defense to a perimeter breach is a well trained security force; and in order to react, that force needs to know immediately when and where the perimeter breaches occured. SpotterRF is radar for these elite security forces that know what they need and demand the best that technology has to offer at the lowest cost of ownership,” said SpotterRF CEO Logan Harris.

Email SpotterRF at sales(at)spotterrf(dot)com to request a white paper (information) on airport perimeter security.

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