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Vitamins are a big asset in people’s lives today. Not having enough energy, sleeping longer than you should, not sleeping enough, and even having too much stress are some of the main problems people face on a daily basis. Having trouble taking your vitamins? Need an easier way to get the right vitamins each and every day? Whether it’s taking hard to swallow pills or capsules, suffer no more. Liquid Health Inc. makes it easier to get the daily recommended amount of vitamins in an easy to consume serving size.

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Liquid Health Inc.

Liquid Health is in the process of starting 2012 with 5 new liquid health supplements. We are using multimedia and social media to interact with our customers like never before.

Liquid Health Inc. has made it easier to provide the essential vitamins that everyone needs in a liquid form. With more than 20 years of liquid vitamin experience, and being GMP certified, Liquid Health Inc. is finding new ways to change the way vitamins are made. When Liquid Health Inc. is hunting down ideas to better improve formulas they are also finding out ways to consume less power and go green. In the past year alone, they have reported, changing out all network equipment and telephone services. Liquid Health has switched to technology that is 20-30% greener and uses less power than their previous technology. Liquid Health Inc. is aiming to launch new products in 2012 to further their line of products, Brett Peterson Director of Business Development has said, “Liquid Health is in the process of starting 2012 with 5 new liquid health supplements. We are using multimedia and social media to interact with our customers like never before.” With the new launch of the immune balance 365 launched in late 2011 Liquid Health realized the need for more liquid products in the market place. Liquid Health reports that they receive hundreds of requests for new and exciting products each month. Starting with a new and improved weight loss product in first quarter of 2012 Liquid Health will launch 4 other new products during the first half of this year. During this down economy Liquid Health has noticed an increase in demand for their products, with large retailers requesting Liquid Health to increase their manufacturing capacity to keep up with the demand for their quality line of natural products.

A new study reveals a reduction in memory loss also may be linked to helping with Alzheimer’s disease. According to Dr. Oz, “Vitamin B-12 fights fatigue and weakness by supporting the circulatory system and protecting against deficiency of vitamins necessary for energy production within the body”. Liquid Health Inc. created vitamin B-12 drops, using Methylcobalamin, to help those that may be vitamin B-12 deficient. Vitamin B-12 Drops comes in a 59 ml bottle with a 1ml shot a day as a serving size. This one single milliliter will provide you with 2,500 mcg of Methylcobalamin Vitamin B12 which is 41,667% of the daily recommended intake.

With your immune system in mind, Liquid Health developed Immune Balance 365 an immune system support supplement meant to balance your immune system. There are 365 days in a year so why worry about a compromised immune system? Immune Balance 365 is a product from Liquid Health to help maintain your immune system and bring it into balance. Immune balance 365 contains Nutraflora ScFos, a “prebiotic” or food for the desirable or “good” intestinal bacteria. Bernhard Watzl, Ph.D has said some great things about Nutraflora ScFos, “Natural prebiotic’s feed and fortify rather than destroy the beneficial bacteria in your intestines, thus maintaining a strong barrier against opportunistic disease and diarrhea”.

Having Liquid options for vitamins and minerals is especially helpful to anyone that has trouble with pills and capsules. Health should not be difficult to maintain. The products designed to maintain your health shouldn’t be difficult to take either, that’s why Liquid Health’s supplements should be added to your diet.

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