Experts Advise Outsourcing Payroll Allows Focus on Business

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Experts at Horizon Business Solutions are recommending that companies look at outsourcing payroll functions in order to free up staff time and allow more focus on core competencies.

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Horizon Business Experts Say Examine Outsourcing Payroll

"Companies need to focus energy and staff time on their core competencies," says Dan Robins.

Experts Advise Outsourcing Payroll Allows Focus on Business
Experts are advising the outsourcing of business processing to increase employee focus and flexibility. According to business management expert Dan Robins with Horizon Business Solutions, “The advantages of outsourcing far outweigh any potential problems.”

Business process outsourcing (BPO) began in the manufacturing business with corporations such as Coca Cola outsourcing segments of supply chain management. As small and medium-sized companies began to see the advantages of outsourcing BPO grew. Today BPO involves contracting with third party service providers to management all kinds of operations, processes and functions. Outsourcing payroll has proved to be a major resource and capital saver for companies and organizations.
The outsourcing of payroll is known as the outsourcing of a back office function and often includes the outsourcing of all accounting and finance processes. When a U.S. company outsources payroll to another country this is called offshore outsourcing. This practice has been the cause of some hot political and economic debates. The cure for this, obviously, is conducting business with a U.S. business management firm, such as Horizon Business Solutions.

“Companies need to focus energy and staff time on their core competencies,” says Dan Robins. “Key employees are freed from the burden of administrative processes and they can focus on doing what they do best, not tied up with payroll.”
Robins says BPO allows companies to increase their flexibility. Because most BPO vendors offer products on a fee-for-service basis companies can transform fixed costs into variable ones. A variable cost structure helps a company respond well to changes in capacity. Companies also don’t have to invest in assets. This creates more flexibility, says Robins.

Robins goes on to say, “You can reduce your response time to change.” The business management firm specializes in the business services that they are contracted to provide. They stay up-to-date on technology, news and trends in their business and keep their customers’ processes current and efficient.

But potentially most important, says Robins, is a company’s opportunity to focus on their own core compentencies without being weighed down by the burden fo bureaucratic restraints. Key staff members are free from completing non-core process. They invest more time and energy into their core business processes. A focus on core competencies can give a company the competitive edge that they need to win in today’s tough market place.

BPO also increases the speed of business processes like payroll. The effective use of partners in business increases speed. With experts focused on processes that they specialize in, speed and accuracy increase.

Maintaining entrepreneurial agility is key to a company maintaining its place in the market. Outsources payroll allows a firm to retain their flexibility and focus on creating new business. It helps companies avoid a more bureaucratic mode of operation. Staff can focus on creativity and using expertise. This could actually allow a company to grow faster, as it will be less constrained. Dan Robins says, “Just the equipment savings is huge. Equipment can take years to amortize and may be out-of-date quickly.”

While outsourcing is a major capital saver, Robins acknowledges that no business enterprise is completely without risks. That’s why he says companies should be careful in selecting the outsourcing firm that they use. Robins says, “Horizon Business Solutions offers transparency. There are no unforeseen or hidden charges. Companies should be wary of vendors that don’t offer a clear menu of services that is complete with pricing.” Robins also says outsourcing companies must be able to demonstrate that they can meet services levels and change as the customer’s needs change.

According to the experts at Horizon Business Solutions the few risks of outsourcing payroll are far fewer than the benefits. Freeing staff time to focus on growing business leads and using expert knowledge can and has provided the edge that businesses need to become a leader in their field.

If your company needs help with payroll or other advice on managing your growing business, call the experts at Horizon Business Services today. Call 614-577-1700 or visit their website at

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