NeuroTracker Learning System Unlocks Brain Multitasking Potential

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In a Keynote speech delivered at the Eon Experience Fest in Irvine California, CogniSens Inc. unveiled its NeuroTracker Learning System, a new virtual reality training technique that expands the mental ability to pay attention to multiple sources of information simultaneously, integrating them to increase awareness and improve decision-making skills in work, sport and everyday situations.

Integrates mental functions to increase awareness and improve decision-making in work, sport and everyday situations

Being able to focus, plan, prioritize and work with information in mind and filter distractions is like having an air traffic controller at a busy airport that manages the movements of dozens of planes on multiple runways. In the brain, this control mechanism is called executive function, a group of skills that helps people to handle multiple streams of information at the same time, and respond accordingly. The problem is that at a certain point the controller is overwhelmed, which negatively affects the quality of decisions made with potentially disastrous consequences. The virtual-reality based NeuroTracker Learning System is designed to raise the threshold at which the executive function of the brain is overloaded with information, allowing individuals to handle more inputs, make better decisions, and multitask more effectively in any given situation. The patent-pending training system was unveiled this week at the EON Experience Fest, the leading global forum for interactive virtual reality and 3D solutions for industry, sport and education.

The NeuroTracker Learning System uses virtual reality to train individuals to better handle several sources of information at the same time. This is done through activating higher-level brain functions through tracking targets in a 3D space with a wide field of view. This activates the same integrated executive functions we use when dealing with complex mental performance situations such as work, competitive sport, driving or navigating a crowded shopping mall.

Everyone needs to focus on the relevant information sources in any situation, filtering out distractors and integrating them to form a complete mental picture. Professor Jocelyn Faubert, inventor of NeuroTracker and who will be presenting the system at the conference in Irvine, California, draws an analogy with crowd dynamics:

“when you are in a crowd, you have a general sense of where it is moving” he notes, “the reason you can see this is because you are drawing information from individuals and their movements, integrating them and making calculations.” The mental air traffic controller is handling multiple relevant information streams simultaneously (the movement of individuals) and making complex strategic calculations and predictions to determine their movement directions as well as that of the crowd.

This kind of prediction and planning is also relevant to high-level sports. “Cognitive training helps the athlete recognize what the opponent is doing, and to be one step ahead,” says Brendan Reilly, Director of EON Sports, who is confident that the NeuroTracker Learning System “will change how teams develop their athletes and how athletes prepare for competition.” The technology provides a scientific basis for concepts like ‘reading the game’, training the athletes to focus, plan and prioritize, predicting opposition movements and making effective strategic decisions.

Mental performance, concept juggling and dealing with multiple sources of information are also crucial in industrial and business environments. Engineers and executives alike have to deal with masses of information and data filtering, prioritizing and disregarding irrelevant distractors. The NeuroTracker Learning System would, for example, allow a project manager to simultaneously pay attention to on-screen technical information, explaining its content to a colleague over the phone while planning a course of action on a notepad. The integration of several information sources and the ability to integrate them to form an effective response is crucial for successful workplace performance.

The NeuroTracker Learning System improves the core skills needed to deal with information-saturated environments, allowing individuals to filter out distractors and make efficient strategic decisions. It is expected to have universal application in a world increasingly dominated by the non-stop flow of information.

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