The Customer is Not Always Right According to Research

Share Article regularly provides tips for businesses on how to better cater to their customers. In its recent article however, it focuses on the “right” kind of customer service instead of the long-standing policy of “the customer is always right.”

However, remember to give emphasis on the word, ‘deserve’. When you give what customers truly deserve, you must remember to be as professional as you can.

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One of the most overused business policies is “the customer is always right,” and as common courtesy is starting to devalue in society, businesses are often faced with customers who tend to behave abusively because they are paying. The truth of the matter is, there should be no monetary equivalent for bad behaviour. recently released research about the revised version of the archaic business policy; instead of “the customer is always right”, businesses should focus more on the right customer service.

According to Jeremy Pappas of, “When customers get the right service they want, they usually commend you and your business. This entails a good working relationship and endorsements to that particular customer’s family and friends. However, remember to give emphasis on the word, ‘deserve’. When you give what customers truly deserve, you must remember to be as professional as you can.”

There are many ways of interpreting what Pappas stated but the bottom line is a business must deliver the service that it has committed to, customers’ other demands that are not included in the scope of the service can be catered or not catered to upon the discretion of the service provider. In one way or another, a business establishment is likely to encounter an uncouth customer who completely gets a kick out of taking advantage of courteous and polite employees and they should be dealt with properly and professionally. Oftentimes, a lot of businesses, because of a great need to generate more sales, compromise their own integrity in catering to the demands of their customers and this often works detrimentally for the business.

Customer support is a provision that is important in customer service. Making sure that customers’ needs are given great priority will not only make them loyal customers, but they will endorse a business’ services to other people as well. Pappas also advises, “Remember that the customer is the company’s number one priority. It doesn’t matter if your company is selling foam rollers or DIY instruction manuals, the customer is always important. If they are happy and satisfied, they will never hesitate to purchase whatever it is that you are selling over and over again.” regularly provides articles about everything from policies to technological features that can be incorporated to any kind of business. For businesses that are interested in gaining a better understanding of how the right kind of customer service should be carried out, there are numerous articles about customer support, phone support and software support at the site.

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