Computer Thief Caught on Webcam With Anti-Theft Software

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Computer thief will probably regret his decision to steal a MacBook thanks to an Anti-Theft program called MacKeeper. Sports Journalist Øystein Vik of Norway had his computer stolen at the airport and was able to get pictures and a location report of the man who took his Mac.

Thief caught with Anti-Theft Software

The pictures were clear and the man was very recognizable in what was basically a mug shot

Sports Journalist Øystein Vik in Bergens Tidende (Norway) had just returned from a holiday vacation with his family in Southern Norway when his Mac was stolen. But using a program Vik had installed on his Mac, he got a detailed report that gave him information about the thief and actual webcam images of his face. In less than 3 hours after receiving the anti-theft report generated by the software the man was identified and arrested by the police.

Anti-theft program
He had just stepped outside of the airport and was about to load his luggage into the car when it happened. "I turned my back for only a second when a thief took the bag with my Mac and disappeared, It was really bad luck" says Vik. Also in his stolen case were gloves, a hat, headset and his Macbook laptop computer.

The first thing he did was to go online from another computer and logged in to his ZeoBIT account to report the Mac as stolen. "I have a program called Mackeeper with an anti-theft feature, and when it was turned on all I had to do was wait for the thief to go online" said Vik. When the program is activated it will use the webcam to take pictures of the next person who logs on the web. In addition to the picture of the the thief, there is the physical address, IP address, and even the name of the wireless network the thief uses.

The computer thief did not go online immediately, so Vik reported the theft to the police and the insurance company on Monday. Then on Wednesday he checked again to see if there was any activity. And that was it! The thief had logged online three times, and Vik had received five webcam pictures of him from his ZeoBit account. The pictures were clear and the man was very recognizable especially one of the images that was basically a "mug shot". Two hours after Vik gave the police the MacKeeper Anti-Theft feature reports they sent a patrol to check the IP location, and then he got a call that he was found and arrested at his home on Wednesday afternoon.

"The anti-theft software did not get the exact home address, but the report indicated that the thief was in a certain area. Coincidentally, he was an acquaintance of someone the police were already familiar with, and officials quickly identified him", said police officer Jørgen Hoffmann.The thief turned out to be a man in his 40s from Enebakk municipality in Akershus, Norway. All the stolen belongings in the bag were also found in various places through out the man's home.

Sports Journalist Øystein Vik gets his Mac back. The man claimed that he was not surprised when the police arrived at the door. He said that he knew about the program and thought it may be installed on the computer. He also claimed that he had every intention to give the bag back, but he just didn't have the time. "This MacKeeper sounds like a good program, he treats this computer very special and this software is proof of that" said police officer Jørgen Hoffmann. The thief acknowledged the fact that he was caught with the stolen Mac, but denies guilt because he said he would have given it back. The case was sent back to the local sheriff's office and It will probably end in court, said a police officer by phone. Journalist Øystein Vik is excited to get back his computer. It seems that the police thought it was a lot of fun to solve the case in this way and the webcam images, and IP addresses were priceless clues. "My Mac is the first stolen item I have ever had taken, it's funny that it will be returned so fast with the help of such a great computer program, thanks to MacKeeper" says Vik.

MacKeeper is more than just an Anti-Theft software and has a total of 16 essential apps that cover internet security, data management, optimization and much more. Please visit the Official MacKeeper website for more information.

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