Excel Food Cube Revolutionizes ‘Complete’ Food for ‘Fibrevores’

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Burgess Excel, makers of The Excel Feeding Plan and the UK’s No. 1 vet recommended range of food for ‘fibrevores’, have launched another ground-breaking UK first with The Excel Food Cube – a truly ‘complete’ food for fibrevores.

Rabbit & Guinea Pig Food Cubes

complete’ food for rabbits and guinea pigs

For the first time rabbit and guinea pig owners will be able to feed a convenient and portion controlled all-in-one food that caters for their pets’ dental, digestive and emotional needs.

These pets are known as fibrevores because they share a unique physiology which sets them apart from other small animals. Fibrevores have a very specific need for high fibre foods in their diet, without which their dental, digestive and emotional health suffers.

Justin Heaton, Head of Marketing for Burgess Pet Care said “Once again we are incredibly excited and proud to be launching a pioneering new product to the market. Our studies revealed foods labelled ‘complete’ are generally fed alone, without the hay necessary for fibrevores. As the UK’s leading veterinary brand for fibrevores we felt obligated to create a truly healthy, 100% complete food to ensure that pets are being correctly fed. The additional beauty of this product is that it really drives home to fibrevore owners that hay IS food!

The Excel Complete Food Cubes are the UK’s first truly ‘complete’ food for rabbits and guinea pigs. They consist of compressed cubes of long fibre Timothy hay for dental and digestive health, together with high fibre tasty nuggets, which contain short fibre, supplements and prebiotics, also necessary for digestive health and to promote foraging. Topped with flowers and beneficial herbs they deliver a visually exciting, innovative solution, inside and out for pet owners.”

There has always been strong debate as to whether any one food alone can be classed as ‘complete’ for these pets. Many foods on the market currently labelled ‘complete’ only meet the nutritional needs of these pets, because, historically in the world of dog and cat food, that’s all a complete food needs to cater for.

72% of vets say that any food labelled as ‘complete’ for fibrevores should cover dental, digestive and emotional health. To be just ‘nutritionally complete’ is not enough, because diet accounts for so much more in keeping these pets alive and healthy.


Their continuously growing teeth (especially back molars) must be kept worn by chewing grass and hay; otherwise the teeth crowns grow too long. If the top and bottom teeth start pressing together when the mouth is closed, the teeth can no longer grow upwards. Instead they grow backwards into the jaw. It’s these overgrown tooth roots projecting into the jaws and skull that cause so many problems for fibrevores. Timothy hay in the food cubes is an excellent source of long fibre and is delicious to fibrevores. Each food cube contains 29% crude fibre which is the same overall percentage as hay. Any crude fibre figures on other products that are higher have been artificially bulked up, usually at the expense of short fibre and other nutrients. The compressed nature of the products encourages gnawing which helps wear down the front incisors, while the long fibre promotes the chewing action required to keep the back molars worn down.


Fibrevores have a digestive system that must constantly be kept moving through the provision of long fibre (hay and grass). They also need short fibre, vitamins, minerals and pro-biotics to help feed the friendly bacteria in the caecum that produces caecotrophs. Fibrevores must eat their caecotrophs to benefit from the additional nutrients they provide. The digestive system of a fibrevore is based on a fine balance of all these important elements, and any upset to this balance can be fatal. To cater for all this the Excel Food Cubes contain the optimum balance of short fibre as well as a specially developed supplement of vitamins, minerals and probiotics for digestive health. Each food cube consists of 59% beneficial fibre which is the optimal blend of short and long fibre.


Finally, in the wild, 70% of a fibrevore’s time is spent foraging for food. This behaviour must be mimicked as pets to keep them mentally and physically stimulated. Otherwise issues such as depression and aggression can occur and even obesity. The shape of the cubes allow fibrevores to roll, throw and play with the cubes in order to break them up. They also love to forage out the nuggets and dried herbs within the cubes too. Plus as they are topped with herbs and flowers (rabbit food cubes only) they promote foraging and add variety.

Justin continues “Excel was the first to expose the myth about ‘complete feeds’ and identify what the real requirements of these pets are, the first to develop a specific and dedicated feeding plan, the first to identify fibrevores as a subset of small animals and the first to campaign for complete diets to include dental, digestive and emotional health – all of which are why Excel is still the UK’s No.1 veterinary recommended food for fibrevores.

However, in today’s fast paced and busy world, consumers are always looking for the easiest, least hassle and most convenient ways to feed their pets. To date it has never been easy to find a solution to do this for fibrevores, without compromising their health…….. that is until now!”
These cubes have been researched and proven to cover dental, digestive and emotional health. All in easy to store format and easy to feed portions. In short they complement The Excel Feeding Plan perfectly.

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