China Celebrates their 34th Annual Tree Planting Day with a New Chopstick Store in California

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As China celebrates their 34th annual Tree Planting Day, citizens are encouraged to live a more environmentally conscious lifestyle by using reusable chopsticks.

Combat Global Deforestation with Reusable Chopsticks

Global Deforestation Combated by Reusable Chopsticks

Switching from disposable to reusable chopsticks is one little thing we can do to reduce the negative effects of global deforestation.

This Monday, China celebrated its annual Tree Planting Day alongside TheChopstickStore.Com. Popularized by Deng Xiaoping, Tree Planting Day encourages people to consider the environment and make a positive impact on the world around them by planting trees. This year, Chinese citizens of all ages, classes and hometowns joined the fight to create a healthier environment and reverse China’s deforestation problem by planting trees in open spaces and trying to use reusable chopsticks more often.

Since its inception in 1979, Tree Planting Day has continued to gain momentum in China as its citizens see not only the environmental benefits, but symbolic significance as well. Many Chinese couples now plant trees on their wedding anniversaries to celebrate the growth and strength of their relationship. Likewise, students often plant trees at the beginning of the school year as a symbol of growth and development.

As the Chinese government reinforces the need for trees and environmental protection through holidays like Tree Planting Day, citizens are also encouraged to make positive changes in their lifestyle by doing things like using reusable chopsticks while eating.

According to China’s forestry authorities, China produces 57 billion pairs of disposable chopsticks that demand over 1.18 billion square meters of deforestation and consume 3.8 million trees annually. EcoWaste Coalition president Roy Alvarez commented on the issue stating, “By making a switch from disposable to reusable chopsticks, we help in assuaging China’s problem with deforestation that leads to soil erosion and destructive flooding, and in trimming down chopstick trash.”

Advocates like Alvarez propose a variety of ways to encourage the use reusable chopsticks:

  •     People use their own reusable chopsticks when only disposable chopsticks are offered
  •     Restaurants and eateries offer reusable chopsticks to their guests
  •     Stores promote the purchase of reusable chopsticks as gifts for family and friends

These wishes were also expressed by the Chinese government in 2006 when they imposed a 5% tax on disposable chopsticks to reduce the consumption that has led to such a high level of deforestation.

Of course, deforestation in any part of the world has a negative impact on the global environment. Fortunately, it is easier than ever to do your part. The Chopstick Store makes it easier than ever to buy chopsticks online. This new boutique offers many cool chopsticks from around the world, including Chinese chopsticks, Japanese chopsticks, and Korean chopsticks. They also have restaurant grade melamine chopsticks and a variety of beautiful lacquered chopsticks. Of course, any of these reusable chopsticks would be a welcome addition to our strained environment, so head on over to TheChopstickStore.Com and do your part!    

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