Fieldstone Law ADR Gets Results with Lenders

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Fieldstone Law PC, a national firm providing client-focused interdisciplinary services announces the success of its Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) service for homeowners, even while the housing market continues to generate bad news.

Fieldstone Law ADR gets results with lenders.

Fieldstone Law PC, a National firm providing client-focused interdisciplinary services announces the success of its Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) service for homeowners, even while the housing market continues to generate bad news. Encouraging faster action from Lenders, Fieldstone Law PC and its proactive ADR program is generating success, even for those in the worst situations facing the sale of their home. A sampling of seven success stories from Fieldstone Law, it shows the situation many homeowners face across America, how loan modification alone is not fixing the problem and the impact made by the innovative ADR program.

The results include principal reduction and in one case Fieldstone was able to get the homeowner's house back after the bank had been within hours of sale. In many cases the result was a settlement or restructured note after multiple rejections, often taking only days or weeks instead of months or years. The strategy involves detailed analysis of the client's existing loan, threatening action against banks unwilling to resolve the client's case and proactive communication to get all sides of the loan aligned.

With this process Fieldstone Law has proved over a 90% response rate from lenders with the ADR process; nine out of ten lenders are willing to consider or engage in fair and transparent negotiation once ADR is initiated because of the attention to detail and extensive research that is performed for each client.

In one example, the client came to Fieldstone Law after a year of trying to get a loan modification alone and was $15,000 behind in mortgage payments. He had been sold an expensive mortgage that was supposed to take care of his original problems, but after ADR analysis was performed it was clear that loan was predatory with no net tangible benefit for the client. Fieldstone took action and engaged the lender, and 16 days from start to finish the client received a restructured loan from the Lender. The result was a reduced monthly payment by $500 but more importantly included a principal reduction of over $100,000.

In many cases the client had tried for a modification over months and years without success which Fieldstone Law resolved in days, just by analyzing the loan with sophisticated tools like the NPV Report and then executing a clear strategy with the Lender. Recently banks have been shown to be not acting in the best interest of their homeowner customers, some hiding predatory loans with apathy. This is resolved by the ADR program which "encourages" Lenders to reevaluate the loan and take the action they should have at the beginning of the homeowner's hardship.

The success of Fieldstone Laws ADR program comes against the background of increasingly bad news for the industry. has reported home values have continued to fall between Q4 and Q1 quarters, the sharpest drop since 2008, and overall home prices have been falling for 57 straight months. Foreclosure re-sales reached a new peak in March 2011, representing over 23 percent of all sales during the month compared to only 17 percent in March the previous year. In 2010 one out of every 1,000 homes in the country was lost due to foreclosure, and supply and demand indicates the housing market will not hit bottom for some time.

"Even while foreclosures are soaring, we are proving that a strategy of pre-litigation gets results and saves homes," says Alexandria Kaminski, Associate Attorney of Fieldstone Law PC. "We've focused the ADR program so it gets the bank's attention and forces action because they know we're serious, and our success stories show we are getting results." About Fieldstone Law PC Fieldstone Law PC is a highly regarded law firm providing client-focused, interdisciplinary services that result in high-value legal counsel for our clients. Fieldstone Law PC has been advocating for everyday Americans in areas that encompass the full range of consumer legal services, bankruptcy, real estate litigation, and default resolution. For more information visit our website

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