Weight Loss Researcher Uncovers 5 Secrets in Your Personality that Make You Fat

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A weight loss blogger at http://LosethePoundsFast.com helps people struggling with their weight uncover 5 traits in their personality that might be making them fat.

A key thing to understand is... "they way you go about making decisions plays a big role in how you manage your weight".

- Dr. Robert Kushner

An often overlooked fact by thousands of people struggling with weight loss is the issue that the challenges faced by food cravings or lack of exercise, can often be traced back to personality/temperament makeup. Simply because, according to Dr. Robert Kushner, “How you go about coping or making decisions plays a big role in how you manage your weight.” Science shows that people-pleasers, spontaneous spirits, and mean people are actually more susceptible to packing on the pounds. Fortunately, weight loss experts at LosethePoundsFast.com have identified the major personality types that are sensitive to weight gain, and provide tailored advice on how to tackle your instinctive pitfalls.

  •     People-Pleaser Personality: Since people pleasers put others before themselves, they also tend to put their own needs last, and women are more likely to fall into this category. This results in instances like overeating when among friends, or bowing to your kids' pressure to serve pizza for dinner. The best prescription is to learn the power of no, and feel comfortable with verbalizing needs and taking care of yourself first.

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  •     Depression Prone: Studies have linked depression to weight gain. Instead of coping with misery using buckets of ice cream, a better solution is to release emotions out on a piece of paper, according to Valerie Orsini.
  •     Impulsive-Compulsive behavior: People susceptible to weak willpower and strong tempting impulses have strong chances of been overweight. As Kushner points out, "people who are impulsive or compulsive in one area of their life...also tend to be careless with their eating habits". Addressing this can be as simple as keeping a food journal and channeling compulsive behavior away from eating and toward physical activity.
  •     Disorganized Spirits: These tend to have a harder time sticking to a regular eating plan. In fact, the ability to keep a calendar correlates with sticking to a weight-loss regimen. The answer? Establish a set routine and schedule specific times to eat, sleep, and exercise. Regular sleep patterns will help lower stress levels and control hunger.

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  •     Overambition: An all-or-nothing personality can backfire when it comes to losing weight. People who see the world in black and white often feel overly deflated or frustrated when they set ambitious goals that they can’t meet or fall short of a weekly weigh in, says Kushner. The fix for this personality is to focus on moderation and an attitude adjustment that focuses on small successes.


LosethePoundsFast.com is a weight loss blog with contributors who have real-life weight loss experiences and share practical diet and fitness solutions for thousands of overweight women to burn fat and get fitter.

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