Now Storz and Bickel is Introducing an All-New Handheld Vaporizer Called the "Plenty"

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Authorized Vaporizer Dealer has in stock the newest Storz and Bickel products fresh from their factory. Purchase the products that meet more standards than any other vaporizer on the market. The all new Plenty vaporizer follows in the footsteps of the legendary Volcano. These two incredible products set the standard in the business.

The most established high grade vaporizer on the market is the tried and true Volcano Vaporizer. The Volcano is the standard in the industry. It is made by Storz and Bickel in Germany to exacting specifications, and no vaporizer has the long term track record of durability and proficiency that the Volcano Vaporizer has.

Authorized Vaporizer Dealer always has the freshest and newest possible stock of Storz and Bickel products, including the Volcano Vaporizer. They have in stock all the Storz and Bickel products and are offering their guarantee of new and authentic products, shipped the same day, and the assurance that you have the best that anybody has to offer.

The Volcano is a multi-use, high grade vaporizer that has unmatched vaporization proficiency. People who know about vaporizers know about the Volcano because of its long term history of excellent performance. The Volcano uses patented technology, and many consider that the Volcano is the best on the market in terms of vaporization quality.

The Volcano is generally more expensive than other vaporizers, but discerning people know that the efficiency of the Volcano makes up for the cost in a very short time. Having a vaporizer that actually vaporizes is a real bonus. Many people suffer with vaporizers that burn or others that need coaxing or do not provide true vaporization. The Volcano does it right, every time.

Now Storz and Bickel is introducing an all-new portable vaporizer called the "Plenty". The Plenty is made to the same high standards as the legendary Volcano, but it uses all-new techniques to achieve a new kind of vaporization for less money. Now you can have a vaporizer that delivers all the purity of the Volcano, but with a smaller and more direct design. The Plenty is different, but it meets the same high standards for vapor purity as the Volcano.

"The new "Plenty" does not use a bag and is a handheld unit, however, at this point, the Plenty is still a plugin model, even though it is handheld,” said James Hilenger, Sales Manager of Authorized Vaporizer Dealer. “Storz and Bickel designed it this way initially in order to assure that the heat capacity would be high enough. Storz and Bickel's first priority is a machine that is efficient and does the job every single time. Batteries can't maintain the same kind of energy output that a wall outlet can, and real vaporization takes a lot of heat, especially when you control it precisely."

So the Plenty is almost portable, but at this time, the design is not with its own power source, and so the unit still relies on a wall outlet, just like the Volcano. However, the tradeoff is that you can expect excellent efficiency that is coupled with the legendary Storz and Bickel purity and durability.

Since the Plenty is cheaper it also makes more sense for a lot of people who may not want to go for the cost of the Volcano. But the Plenty also uses a different method so many people will find that the Plenty is very different from the Volcano. That variation is a good enough reason for current Volcano owners to also consider purchasing a Storz and Bickel Plenty. Volcano customers will also find that the Plenty offers a slightly different effect due to the differing design. Some people may actually like the Plenty better than the Volcano, and it is cheaper and more compact.

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