San Francisco Health Department Breeds Changes for Bed Bug Rules, Offers Additional Help to Get Rid of the Pests

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The health department of San Francisco is proposing changes to the city's bed bug rules and regulations. For an additional help, suggested to the residents the use of a pesticide-exempt bed bug spray.

...apart from the modifications in the rules, bed bug victims might also need to change their supplies in order to effectively eliminate bed bugs.

San Francisco is one of the major cities plagued by bed bugs. And in response to the burgeoning problems that the pests are causing, the health department deems a face lift is imperative on the city's current bed bug rules.

A report from said that San Francisco's Department of Public Health is now breeding some changes for the city's rules and regulations about bed bug control. Among the changes the department proposes is requiring those landlords who provide a mattress and box spring to their tenants to supply a bed bug proof encasing as well. Another two changes that it suggests are requiring landlords to provide new tenants bed bug guidelines and to inspect monthly all the units for the pests.

In a recently released top 50 ranking of US cities infested by the pests for 2011, San Francisco got the 12th spot. Jumping 35 spots higher than the 2010 ranking, it is clear that the bed bug problem in the city is worsening. Hence, to help the pests' sufferers, suggested the use of a pesticide-exempt solution for the treatment.

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Bed bugs are surely becoming a huge problem in cities across the country. And among others, the housing and hospitality industry is one affected greatly by their troublesome presence. Hence, it is but just right for lawmakers to regulate rules about dealing with the pests. In some cities though, like San Francisco, the fast spread of bed bugs is calling out for much-needed changes in the regulations against the pests.

It's a good thing that San Francisco's health department acknowledges the need for those changes. According to a report, the department is now breeding modifications to the city's rules about bed bug control.

Included in the proposed changes is requiring landlords who provide mattress and box spring in a unit to add a bed bug encasing. Also included in the modifications are obligating landlords to provide bed bug guidelines to new tenants and to search for the pests in the units every month. The public health department plans to finalize these and many other changes in May.

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The Department of Public Health in 2006 adopted a host of rules and regulations about controlling bedbugs, which have been an increasing problem in cities around the country. The rules were revised once in 2008 and are being revised again. Apparently, best practices are constantly being hatched when it comes to bedbugs.

Some of the proposed changes include requiring that landlords who provide a mattress and box spring in a unit also include a bed bug proof encasing; requiring landlords to provide bed bug prevention guidance to new tenants; and requiring that landlords who offer daily, weekly and monthly rentals look for bedbugs in units every month.

Described by the department’s web-site as “wingless, flat, reddish-brown, blood-sucking insects about the size of a chili flake,” bed bugs pose a problem in just about any urban area. Risk factors include a high number of transients, a high number of frequent travelers and a big recycle and reuse movement. Gee, sound like any city you know?

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Through the years, bed bugs became more difficult to eliminate. Because of that, an upgrade on the bed bug rules is needed said However, the site stated that apart from the modifications in the rules, bed bug victims might also need to change their supplies in order to effectively eliminate bed bugs.

For those who intend to exterminate the pests personally, the site suggested the application of a bed bug spray. Fast and easy to implement, it is the method best for an immediate bed bug treatment. However, to get rid of bed bugs yourself fast, easy and also safe, the website recommends only the use of a pesticide-exempt bed bug solution.

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