Founder Offers Advice on How to Invest 2012 Tax Refund

Share Article founder Sherry Tingley suggests that investing in mutual funds may be a smart way to turn this year’s tax refund into tomorrow’s rewarding return.

Sherry Tingley, founder of online checks leader and principal writer of the website’s popular finance and management blog, has some practical advice for those in line for a tax refund this spring: think about purchasing mutual funds to make the most of that extra cash.

“More than ever these days, people need clear, easy-to-understand mutual fund and investment information so they can make their money go further,” commented Tingley.

To that end, Tingley has written a new blog entitled "Mutual Fund for Dummies,” which provides a simple overview of mutual funds, describes how they work, and points out the following potential benefits:

  •     They help small business investors build a diversified portfolio that would be hard -- if not impossible -- to create with a small amount of capital.
  •     Funds are invested in many different companies, which can mitigate investment risks and help absorb economic and market shocks.
  •     The fund as a whole provides greater buying power compared to an individual investment.
  •     Each mutual fund is managed by a professional.
  •     A variety of charts and graphs are available to track the historical performance of a particular mutual fund.
  •     Purchasing mutual funds can be done online and doesn’t require writing out checks.

“While there’s no guarantee of success when it comes to investments of any kind, and people still need to do their research, I hope that more people this year will think twice before wasting their tax return on an impulse buy or unnecessary purchase, and instead see how they can leverage that cash into a rewarding investment such as a mutual funds or other vehicle,” Tingley added.

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