BioSyn Resources LLC Exports its Ultraclean, Dual-Purpose Benzene-Free Gasoline

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BioSyn’s newly appointed Distributor in England received its first batch of ultraclean, dual-purpose, aromatics-free gasoline in February 2012. The first of its kind in the world, this environment and public health friendly gasoline will be used for applications where public health and environmental safety considerations are a primary concern.

DM-X 95G is a dual-purpose high-octane gasoline devoid of aromatics, olefins and organometallic-based additives.

BioSyn achieved another important milestone in its early history with the exportation of its ultraclean, dual-purpose, benzene-free gasoline to England. Its newly appointed Distributor, Dakota Shine Ltd., will distribute the product to niche markets throughout Europe where public health and environmental safety mandates prevent the use of conventional gasoline.

A proprietary formulation of BioSyn, this industry exclusive gasoline will be marketed under the tradename DM-X 95G™.

DM-X 95G is a dual-purpose high-octane gasoline devoid of aromatics, olefins and organometallic-based additives. As dual-purpose fuel, it can be used as high-performance gasoline in 4-stroke spark ignition engines used in passenger cars, as well as smokeless gasoline in 2-stroke engines used in small equipments such as lawn mowers, snow blowers and other yard equipments – without the need for 2T oil addition!

When used in 4-stroke engines, DM-X 95G is a high-mileage fuel with about 10% more mileage than conventional reformate-based gasoline. When used in 2-stroke engines, it produces no smoke and foul smell that can be nauseating to operators.

2-stroke engines running on conventional gasoline emit a lot of unburned hydrocarbons, particularly high octane aromatics like benzene (a potent carcinogen), toluene and mixed xylenes. Unlike engines used in passenger cars, 2-stroke engines used to power small equipments are not equipped with catalytic converters to convert unburned hydrocarbon exhausts into harmless water and carbon dioxide. In addition, 2-stroke engines produce fumes from unburned 2T oil and oxides of organometallic compounds used as 2T oil additives.

“DM-X 95G was especially formulated purposely to prevent operators of equipments running on 2-stroke engines from getting exposed to fumes and unburned hydrocarbons, which are serious health hazards,” said Mr. Deo Reloj, BioSyn’s CEO and Chief Technology Officer.

DM-X 95G is an analogue version of BioSyn’s green gasoline, which will be one of the green products of its upcoming biomass-centric, feedstock-flexible integrated refinery.

DM-X 95G is currently available commercially in North America on minimum orders of 6,000 gallons per delivery. Maximum production capacity is currently at 2,000 barrels per day.

About BioSyn

BioSyn is a development company established to design, construct and operate an integrated biomass-centric feedstock-flexible refinery. Prior to the completion of the construction of its refinery, BioSyn produces and markets analogue versions of the refinery’s green fuel products, such as green gasoline, green diesel, multi-functional military fuels and high-purity hydrocarbon solvents.

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