Need Help with School, but Have a Hectic Schedule? The Stimulus Effect Now Offers Online Tutoring

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Kids often need help with school, and adults needs some guidance with their classes. But, they don’t have the time to go across town for sessions. No problem; with online services, The Stimulus Effect brings the sessions to them.

The Stimulus Effect offers tutoring at home, online, or on the go.

It’s hard to argue; life’s gotten a lot more complicated. Kids have to be taken to soccer. There’s the meeting after work. That doctor’s appointment still needs to be scheduled. And, it’s a near miracle to have even a few minutes of “me” time. With this increasingly hyper-driven pace, having to take children across town for tutoring sessions—or adult students making time to get extra help for themselves—seems at the very best impractical, and at the worst impossible.

That’s where The Stimulus Effect ( comes in. The Stimulus Effect—a Southern California based tutoring company which delivers customized, one-on-one, globally oriented instruction to children and adults in reading, writing, math, science, business studies, and other subjects—will expand its online tutoring services for busy families and professionals. “Every parent, and every student, wants to excel,” said Arziki Phenyo, founder of The Stimulus Effect. “But, sometimes life gets in the way. By offering interactive, online tutoring, students are offered a convenient—and most of all, effective—way for getting the help they need. Essentially, The Stimulus Effect offers tutoring at home, online, and on the go.” The Stimulus Effect has been guiding students across the country to As and Bs in reading, algebra, finance, and statistics, just to name a few subjects, and will expand its online services on April 1, 2012 with the help of customized video-conferencing, screen-sharing, and document-sharing websites that allow for engaging and interactive sessions.

So, how does it work? The company uses sites and services such as Vyew, Google Docs, and Join Me that offer whiteboard or video-conferencing features which allow tutors and students to work interactively, and closely, in real time. Tutors and students use VoIP software on the sites, or talk on the phone as they work together during sessions. To add to the interactivity, the sessions can be downloaded and exported as PDF or Microsoft Word files, or could be stored on the “cloud,” easily accessed by logging on to the websites. “It actually makes learning cool,” said Matt, a 13-year-old in Chicago who currently receives algebra tutoring from the company. “The sessions are always available for quick review, and the files could be sent to teachers so they can see what was worked on for homework and things like that. Plus, it almost feels like a game…while working on problems, students can use diagrams, graphs, and all kinds of other stuff that make problems easier to understand.” From the comments of these and other clients, The Stimulus Effect’s expanded online services will offer a convenient, and dynamic, way for students to receive the guidance they need.

How about parents and students wanting more of a “personal” touch? “In-person tutoring at home, or in a convenient neighborhood location, will still be offered,” said Phenyo. “Especially with younger students, additional in-person sessions are provided in preparation for state tests, and during critical assignments, to give them that extra sense of comfort and support they need to perform at their very best. The Stimulus Effect’s services have been available on the West and East coasts, and the company is expanding in the Midwest as well, ensuring that students’ needs are met, no matter where they are. Now, the online option will be expanded, which sometimes provides a better fit for families’ and students’ schedules.”

So far, the company has been getting results. Over 85% of students have earned As as final grades, including students at elementary, middle-school, high-school, and post-secondary levels. In addition, even students who have special needs or have struggled with underachievement throughout their academic careers are significantly improving their performance through the online services. It seems that with The Stimulus Effect, effective tutoring—and high performance—will only be a click away.

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