New ID Scanner with Customer Relationship Management Software

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Tokenworks’ new ID Scanner offers a streamlined design with a larger touch screen and provides new tools for managing customer relationships

Tokenworks®’ new IDVisor® 310™ ID Scanner is its latest hardware platform for its industry-leading identity verification and ID scanning software. Building upon Tokenworks’ industry-leading IDVisor ID scanning platform and the customer relationship management (CRM) features introduced in the IDVisor Touch™, the new IDVisor 310 offers a significantly smaller form factor with a larger touch screen.

This new ID Scanner provides a refined hardware platform for Tokenworks’ CRM software with integrated age calculation for alcohol and/or tobacco sales. In addition to scanning barcode and magnetic stripe licenses from all 50 US States, additional customer information can be entered directly into the device using fingers on the large touch screen - no stylus or input devices required. The IDVisor 310 offers a visit counter for each customer, a scan counter with auto-increment and on-screen adjustment for venue capacity, email and phone capture. It also provides advanced tagging functions for tracking customers including custom tags, tag expiration dates and tag notes.

IDVisor 310 Hardware

The IDVisor 310 is a handheld ID Scanner. It uses the same drivers license scanning technology used in Tokenworks’ IDVisor Touch, Z22 Mobile and Z22 Countertop ID Scanners. Like the IDVisor Touch, the 310 has a unique Easy finger-on-screen keyboard that obviates a stylus for operation.

The ID Checker reads drivers’ licenses and state IDs from all 50 US states, including Georgia (from November 2009 onward). It also reads Canadian drivers’ licenses (including Quebec since February 2009) and US military IDs. It uses the same barcode scanner and swipe magnetic stripe reader currently being deployed in US police cruisers. The scans are fast and accurate, and do not have any of the drawbacks associated with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) based ID scanning technology.

The IDVisor 310 runs on battery power or off a wall charger. Built-in rechargeable and swappable Li-Ion batteries charge quickly and offer a full night of scans. Simply plug it in to charge, and use without worries. Batteries may also be easily swapped for multi-shift venues like casinos that need continuous ID scanner protection.

Integrated CRM Features: Profiles, Custom Tagging and Search

The IDVisor 310 uses the groundbreaking integrated CRM software introduced in the Tokenworks IDVisor Touch in 2011. This new breed of ID scanning technology binds together the 100% accuracy of machine-read scan data with custom user input. This allows the operator to confidently verify a customer’s age and also store critical customer information like email, phone, patronage and VIP status.

The unique tagging features on the IDVisor 310 allow for complete customer relationship management. Custom tags allow the operator to predefine the metrics that are important to their business, and to quickly classify customers while their age is being verified. Bars and nightclubs often use VIP tags to give special treatment to regular customers or Banned tags to keep out troublemakers. Liquor stores often use custom tags to collect demographic information to improve marketing and sales tactics. Casinos regularly use custom tags to manage membership and rewards programs for frequent customers. Many businesses simply use the tags to build a robust email-marketing list of current customers. All tags and data can be searched directly on the ID scanner using simple text queries, or can be exported to a computer.

Tags can be applied directly on the ID Scanner, allowing the user to ban someone right at door, or add him or her to a special VIP or customer list. Custom tags or groups can be defined directly on the ID Checker, or imported from an Excel-compatible comma separated value (CSV) file. Tags can be given expiration dates, transforming the ID Scanner into a full-fledged membership system. Use custom tags to create membership levels with unique expiration dates, or ban someone until a designated date by assigning specific tags to his or her profile.

The ID reader displays the number of visits each patron has made on the main screen. This feature is unique to the IDVisor CRM software and helps to quickly identify new and frequent visitors. A historical record of visit information for each client is also available in the database.

Users also have the ability to capture phone and email information directly on the 310 screen keyboard. Data entry is enhanced with a convenient finger-ready 9-digit keypad for phone numbers and a list of common domains for email addresses (,, etc.). Adding customer contact information can help a business create powerful out-bound marketing programs like email and text message blasts. An Opt-In Privacy feature identifies which customers want to be included on email or text messaging lists. Traditional license information like name, address and date of birth are stored automatically when the ID is swiped.

Contact information and tags can be added when the scan is taken, or by searching for a previous scan and adding the tag later. A Guest List feature allows users to import a list of guests from an Excel compatible CSV file and record entry at the door without having to previously scan guest licenses. Dual Action VIP/Banned Lists can be set to trigger with a certain ID card or last name, allowing users to migrate old lists into the device. All together, the multiple list management features on the ID Scanner allow promoters and bouncers to know exactly who is entering their club or event.

Industry-Leading ID Scanning Technology

The IDVisor 310 is rooted in Tokenworks’ rock-solid ID scanning technology. Flexible Age Thresholds, from 18 to 45 years, are available for underage alcohol or tobacco warnings. A Scan Count feature shows the total number of scans for the night and indicates how many people have entered the venue. Customizable warnings allow the user to configure how the scanner alerts when underage, expired, banned, or rescanned IDs are swiped.

The IDVisor 310 stores scan and customer information in a true SQL database. This allows Tokenworks’ new ID checker to export an organized record scan history by customer. It also allows for easy integration into existing software platforms using SQL databases. Many alternative ID scanning products use older methods for storing information and only export raw data logs of jumbled scan data. The IDVisor 310 provides concise, accurate data critical for building customer relationships and monitoring business trends.

Various options allow clubs to customize how long data is saved on the ID Scanner, making the unit fully compliant with states that have ID Scanner data retention limitations, like Utah and Nebraska. Data can be automatically deleted after one day, seven days or 30 days, for example.

Advanced Security: Kiosk Mode

The ID Scanner has built-in security to protect sensitive customer information. Data storage is protected by strong database encryption that blocks unauthorized access. PIN code access can also be enabled to configure the ID scanner. This can restrict, for example, the operator from accessing customer information, block them from searching the database, or reconfiguring any of the device settings.

Tokenworks’ proprietary Kiosk Mode prevents the bouncer from exiting the scanning application without entering a pin code. This keeps the operator focused on the task at hand and prevents him from altering any configuration settings or accessing customer data.

On-System Tutorial and Top-Tier Customer Support

Tokenworks provides free telephone support to all ID Scanner owners. To answer common questions and acquaint the user with features, helpful system tutorials are pre-loaded directly into the IDVisor 310. These tutorials can familiarize a new user to its basic operation in just a few minutes. The ID Scanner ships with a quick-start guide, USB cable and charging cable.

Pricing and “Special Conversion Offer”

New IDVisor 310 units will retail for $1,495.00 but as an introductory special, customers can purchase them now for $1,395.00. Units are in stock and ready for shipment.

Tokenworks is offering a “Special Conversion Offer” to customers who have purchased an Eseek M310 ID Scanner from another software developer. If you have recently purchased a competitor’s M310 ID Scanning product and would like to upgrade to the Tokenworks IDVisor M310 software, Tokenworks can upgrade your ID Scanner Age Verification software for $300.00. Just send us your M310s and we will upgrade them to the latest firmware, erase the competitors’ software and install our software.

Upgrade pricing is also available for IDVisor Z22 Mobile customers with a trade in credit of $500 will be applied towards the purchase of a New IDVisor 310.

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Founded in 1998, Tokenworks provides a full-range of magnetic stripe and barcode ID scanners for age verification, access control and lead capture. Tokenworks is located in Bronxville, New York and sells across the United States and Canada. Visit to learn more or buy online. 1-800-574-5034 /

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