Chino Hills Boot Camp Trainer Shares Expert Tips On Boosting Metabolism

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Alejandra Font is a Chino Hills Boot Camp Trainer, Nutrition Expert and Co-owner of The Camp Boot Camp. Here she offers her advice on boosting one’s metabolism to achieve better long-term health. For a little extra push in the right direction, visit to lose 10 pounds this month and get into the shape of your life!

The first step toward weight loss is developing a proper nutrition and exercise program. The next step is boosting one’s metabolism to burn more calories when exercising and even while resting. Chino Hills Boot Camp Trainer / Nutrition Expert / Co-owner of The Camp Boot Camp Alejandra Font shares her tips on boosting metabolic processes and achieving better health.

“First, I can’t stress eating a healthy breakfast enough. You need to break your fast and prevent your body from going into starvation mode, which means hanging onto body fat. I recommend healthy proteins, whole grains and fruits,” Alejandra explains.

“Eat four or five small meals throughout the day,” the Chino Hills Boot Camp Trainer adds. “Some people make mistakes here because they eat full meals and end up taking in too many calories. But if you eat a carb and a protein – like an apple and a mozzarella cheese stick, or a slice of whole grain toast with a tablespoon of peanut butter – you will keep your blood sugars stable, decrease cravings and keep your metabolism going.”

She also recommends avoiding empty calories like sodas – even diet ones – and highly processed food. Instead, people should choose nutrient-dense foods like kale, spinach, broccoli, peppers, artichokes, walnuts, kidney beans, sweet potatoes, and oatmeal.

“Some people think, ‘Well if I just eat less, I’ll burn more calories!’ But actually, the opposite occurs. The metabolism decreases and the body hangs onto fat reserves even more. Besides, depriving yourself of vital nutrients is a fast way to become sick or weakened,” Alejandra explains. “Have a plan for every meal and snack every day to keep your body adequately fueled.”

Lastly, the Chino Hills Boot Camp Trainer instructs campers to try alternatives before indulging in cravings. “Often, we eat – not because we’re hungry – but because we are fatigued or thirsty. So, before chowing down, try drinking water or green tea first. Snack on a piece of fruit or a chocolate protein bar before going for cake or cookies,” she advises.

To stay motivated, Alejandra recommends leaving sticky note reminders around the house – at least, initially. She sometimes programs inspirational cell phone reminders to keep her going too, she says. Individuals who are looking for an additional support network to make the difficult lifestyle adjustments and lose weight once and for all can sign up for nutrition counseling and classes at Fitconcepts.

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