Chino Hills Boot Camp Trainer Shares Secrets For Maintaining Long-Term Fitness

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It can be extremely difficult to maintain fitness in the long-term with so many “cheat days,” holidays and a busy schedule that interferes with healthy eating and exercise. Chino Hills Boot Camp Trainer Alejandra Font shares her tips for maintaining long-term fitness, despite these common obstacles

St. Patrick’s Day Guinness and corned beef… Easter chocolates… Summer barbeques… late nights full of alcohol… it seems like the party never ends. It’s all too easy to give-in to temptation and pack on a few pounds in the process. However, it’s much easier to prevent weight gain than it is to un-do the problem once it’s occurred. Chino Hills Boot Camp Trainer Alejandra Font shares her expert advice on preventing weight gain and maintaining one’s long-term fitness.

1.    Schedule everything!
Alejandra says, “The most important tip I can give you is to schedule your week in advance. On Sundays, I’ll sit down and draw up daily meal charts for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all my snacks. I’ll make my list, do my grocery shopping and take into consideration busier days where I may need to grab something on-the-go. Planning ahead with your calendar on hand helps you balance your week and be in control of your caloric intake.”

2.    Hydrate yourself!
Alejandra says, “When you drink alcohol, your body becomes extremely dehydrated. So, if you expect to be drinking, you should especially focus on drinking ample water 24 hours in advance to avoid a hangover or other ill effects. Aim for a minimum of 8 glasses of water every single day. And, if you’re coming to work-out at a Chino Hills Boot Camp, you’d better fill your reusable water bottle to the tip-top to replace all that water you’re going to sweat out!”

3.    Use Weights!
Alejandra says, “If you’re low on time, choose resistance / weight training to get the maximum impact. This will increase your metabolism, as your body uses energy to repair muscle tissue all day long. The ideal week will consist of cardio and resistance training, so you’re building lean muscle mass, burning loads of calories and conditioning your heart, mind and lungs.”

4.    Just Move!
Alejandra says, “You never want to have a day where you sleep in, sit on your computer, watch TV and literally vegetate. Stay active every day, whether it’s walking the dog, doing housework, gardening, playing with the kids in the yard, or coming to my Chino Hills Boot Camp.”

5.    Control Portions!
Alejandra says, “It’s a proven fact that nearly everyone grossly underestimates the calories they eat each day. That’s because we so rarely measure out our portions. The worst temptations usually come at parties where we’re just loading up our plates and distracting ourselves with conversation, so we don’t even realize what we’re doing to our bodies.” She adds that indulging once a week is not a big deal, as long as a person eats clean the rest of the time and exercises portion sanity.

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