Trump with a Turban Releases Secret #2 to Be Happy and Wealthy Like Him!

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Don't hold on to Grudges by Dr. Harsimran Singh

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Holding on to grudges is like drinking poison to kill others

How to be happy and wealthy is very much related to having a clear mind free of grudges. Letting go of grudges is one of the top secrets to being happy in life. The difference between successful people and others is not a lack of strength, but rather a lack of a positive frame of mind.

Not holding a grudge frees the mind and gives more time. In a sense, not remaining angry or disappointed will make one a more productive person. Learn to view “letting go” in a positive way. Doing this helps one become a better person just by altering actions and habits.

Everyone is familiar with the expression “Forgive and Forget.” Well, why not do it? So much time and energy is wasted being aggravated, especially when this involves someone you must communicate with. In such instances, your inability to talk to, or otherwise effectively communicate with another coworker decreases efficiency. Not being able to forgive creates other problems, what started off as a simple argument transforms into not performing as well at the workplace. This makes a small problem much larger, all because a situation was handled ineffectively.

Similar to anger and negativity, not letting go of simple things and disputes, starts a destructive chain of events. This, clearly, is not good for anyone.

It’s been said that the one who cannot forget an incident has a mindset far worse than the one who was initially wrong. Remember, resentment is a negative, unproductive and, often harmful emotion. Learn to cultivate good habits and do not forget to put forgiveness towards the top of the list.

Inspirational quotes are akin to a blazing fire. If fuel is not continually added, the fire gets extinguished. So keep on adding the fuel of positive thoughts.

Author of the book, "How to Always be Happy" Dr.Harsimran Singh, Ph.D. migrated to the USA in 1973 with just $8 in his pocket.

He is the author of 13 inspirational books including, “How 12 Immigrants Made Billions from Nothing.” He has earned the unique nickname "Trump with a turban”. He credits his success to Search Engine Optimization, which helped him have his websites ranked at the top of search engine results. He wants others to be successful as well. He wrote the book, “SEO Secrets to BIG Money” (valued at $45.95) which can be downloaded for free by clicking SEO.

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