Sarah Palin Is More Popular than Any Republican Presidential Candidate

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Author Wana Duhart's case study explains Sarah Palin’s appeal among conservatives and republicans.

The contention among the Republican candidates continues to rise as they fight to position themselves as the true front runner. Although Mitt Romney continues to hold a lead over Rick Santorum, according to Public Policy Polling, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin remains the favorite among Republican Party voters. "People, Politics, and Profits: The Ties that Bind Main Street, the Beltway, and Wall Street," an essay written by Wana L. Duhart, provides a case study that explains the emergence and appeal of Sarah Palin and why she remains relevant today.

Sarah Palin’s appeal, according to Duhart, exposes Beltway elitism and condescension. She goes on to explain that the misconceptions held by elitist factions, regarding their perceived authority to make decisions about the lives of everyday Americans, further substantiate Palin’s appeal to regular folks and ordinary people. “The media establishment is quite frankly scared to death of her and doesn’t know what to make of this woman who hails from the great state of Alaska, our last frontier,” says Duhart.

The heart of "People, Politics, and Profits" underscores what she considers the genius of Palin, as she provides a comprehensive look at how the very elitism that is antithetical to Palin's appeal, is the same elitist tendency that is directly and indirectly responsible for wreaking havoc on the lives of many Americans. In her section on Main Street, she examines some of the macro and micro changes that have been devastating for families and the American economy. In "Class Warfare: The Elephant in the Room," the author gives voice to a disturbing undercurrent that should be taken seriously by people across income classes and the political spectrum.

The discussions about The Beltway and Wall Street draw the reader back to why Sarah Palin continues to resonate with everyday people -- hardworking Americans reject the strong influence and authority of these powerful and wealthy elitists. As she describes some of the familiar habits and practices of Washington politicians and Wall Street financiers, she reminds us all of how interconnected and dependent they are on each other. "Deaf Ears and Blinded Eyes: Hypocritical and Schizophrenic Elected Officials" just might make you scream or holler, as Duhart talks about the cozy and conflicting relationships between the Beltway and Wall Street.

"People, Politics, and Profits: The Ties that Bind Main Street, the Beltway, and Wall Street" is available for purchase through

About Wana L. Duhart:

Wana L. Duhart is the Founder and CEO of Trahud Enterprises, She is the author of the book entitled "A Call to the Village: Retooling Public Schools" and publishes her own blog, The VillageSpace. Wana has spent almost three decades working in varying capacities across all sectors as a strategist, consultant, business manager, chief financial officer, and Certified Public Accountant. She holds a BBA in Accounting from Southern Methodist University, MBA in Strategic Planning and Finance from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, Master of Divinity from The Divinity School at Harvard University, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Educational Leadership at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

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