SoCal CEO Highlights Smart Choice And Their New Innovative Pet Product

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Taking care of your cat’s litter box has just been revolutionized. "The popularity of our new pet product - The Litter Spinner - is growing daily here in the U.S. with new markets being created overseas," David Baumgardner, President of Smart Choice Pet Products, explained to Southern California CEO Magazine. Smart Choice Pet Products has already developed distributed contracts with companies like Amazon, COSTCO, PETCO, PetSmart and dozens of other regional retailers. The Litter Spinner will will premiere at 9:30pm and 12:30am EST/PST on Wednesday, March 28th on the DIY Network" Do It Yourself." And in addition, Smart Choice is now shipping the Litter Spinner overseas to Japan and the UK.

David Baumgardner, President of Smart Choice Pet Products

It is attractive enough that customers have requested “bling kits” to personalize their Litter Spinners

The Litter Spinner is a cylinder shaped, enclosed cat litter box. Once a cat has finished using the Litter Spinner,the innovative dryer drum-like design allows the cat owner to spin the entire unit over once like a wheel. Inside, the litter is sifted through a specially designed drawer with slats spaced far enough apart to allow unused litter to filter through, while the soiled kitty litter remains in the drawer. From there, the owner simply returns the Litter Spinner to its original, upright position, removes the drawer, and empties the waste.

The Litter Spinner is high tech, yet easy to use. It is so simple that owners get the same results no matter who spins the unit, from a child, to a senior citizen. One of their customers - a blind individual - was so pleased about the product, he created a YouTube video proclaiming his satisfaction on how easy it was to use. “You don’t have to see the soiled litter to scoop it out, you just rotate the drum and the spinner does the work, then empty the drawer.” Baumgardner shared.

This simple, yet effective design sets the Litter Spinner apart from other ‘high tech’ litter boxes on the market in that there are no mechanical or electrical parts that can malfunction, no specialty filters or components that need scheduled replenishing, and literally anyone can use it with the same effectiveness.

With traditional litter boxes, owners have felt the need to place them out of sight, or in infrequently used areas of the house due to their unsightly appearance, and horrid smell. With the Litter Spinner however, customers have taken a different approach.Baumgardner explained that not only does the covered, drum-like design function as a way to spin the Litter Spinner, it also has the added benefits of creating a much more appealing sight, as well as keeping the odor contained inside the unit. It is attractive enough that customers have requested “bling kits” to personalize their Litter Spinners with the name of their cat or to match the theme of their house.

With all the added benefits over both traditional, low-tech litter boxes and high-end, electronic litter boxes, it is surprising to find the Litter Spinner to be a middle-range purchase. This makes it affordable for nearly any cat owner, and reinforces the Litter Spinner as “the last litter box you will ever buy.” The Litter Spinner is also a green product. Customers have two models to choose from, a gray unit that utilizes recycled materials in its construction, and a black unit that is made entirely from recycled materials.

The Litter Spinner’s fully enclosed design also makes it a healthier choice for the environment, allowing cat owners to purchase less litter throughout the year, as it stays fresher due to more frequent and thorough cleanings.

Smart Choice Pet Products has taken a patriotic philosophy with the Litter Spinner by localizing their manufacturing to the US, specifically Southern California, in an effort to retain American Jobs. “We are conscious of the need for jobs in our own region, so it was important for us to manufacture this product locally, and the Inland Southern California area has so much to offer manufacturers. Five foreign trade zones, logistics, and an educated work force,” says Baumgartner. Smart Choice Pet Products is just another example of a successful business here in Southern California.

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