British Media Shuns Book of Royal Truth "The Hidden Prince" by Suthor Billy Rennie

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Major United Kingdom media groups are avoiding this true story of Queen Victorias love child and marriage to a Scotsman and author Billy Rennie cant understand why such a major historical event is being heavily supressed.

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Mr and Mrs Browns son Prince John with his wife.

Queen Victoria's hidden Scottish Prince is dead but not forgotten!

Bill Says, “I can’t believe that in modern day society where freedom of speech, accountability, and laws, in our seemingly democratic country will only be applicable to some people and we still live in a world of rules for some and rules for others and the ongoing protected untouchables of upper crust society. There have been many rumors and gossip mongering about Queen Victoria and Scottish Gillie John Brown’s relationship over the years and most have no foundation, supporting evidence, or traceability. Many are the tails of people deceased or a so called reliable source. I am still alive and what I have written in this book is of a child born to Queen Victoria and John Brown prior to Albert’s death, their marriage at a later date, and some interesting surrounding evidence and facts. The family descendants are among us now and live with this full knowledge of who they are. They don’t want anything and nor do I other than to be recognized for the real truth of things. To be perfectly honest it is a massive story and some of these family members are closer in relations to Queen Victoria than the current Royal family of today yet the British media for the most part so far since publication last year avoid it like a foul taste in their mouths. What is everyone scarred of and who is shutting things down? Back in 1985 Dr Michael MacDonald, curator and director of the Scottish Tartans Society had went to write a book on this very subject and was threatened by a very high order should we say and shut down. His information is kept firmly under lock and key until attitudes change and it is deemed safe to further expose the truth. I had one major tabloid turn up at my door all excited and they took many photos, and were looking to do an article on my new book. They later phoned to apologize and they said it had been shut down by a higher influence so the story won’t go to print. Other major media entities have read the book but still a deathly silence looms. I thought every child has a birth right and the parentage has to acknowledge that fact but this was and is not the case here. You just need to look at some of the descendants amongst us as their resemblance is quite astonishing. A top London Literary agent has also looked into getting some publicity but the doors at this time are all closed. What must be said that this book is readily available and is having reasonable success by word of mouth even though the publicity is far less than it should be. I am always available for interview and can travel if there is anyone brave enough to do the right thing. It is going into major book fairs from Abu Dhabi, Taipei Book Fair, American Library Association Mid-Winter Conference, and London amongst others so the fight for exposure continues. Although not readily stocked on the shelves in United Kingdom’s book shops it is largely available to order online or download from Amazon, Barns and Noble in paperback, Ebook, Nook, PDF, and Kindle. Book sales and profit is not the driver with this one as family members just want people to know the truth. One is not amused!”

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