Top Tips on Choosing Carpets or Vinyl Flooring

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Selecting the right flooring is as important as the colours and finish of walls in terms of setting the right mood. We provide some top tips on style and practicalities to consider.

Much can be learned from watching a really bad movie – one can appreciate the good ones even more afterwards. Apply this same logic to carpets or vinyl flooring and it might lead to thoughts about what combinations to avoid and which to go for when decorating as most of us at some time or other have witnessed some truly awful and some really amazing flooring combinations.

Like walls, floors dominate in terms of the space they fill so choosing the right colours or tones is important for creating the right mood in a home. When the look and style has been decided upon, it is necessary to carefully consider how all the different interior elements from walls, furnishings and floorings all work together before plan are made for any carpet fitting.

Room by Room Practicalities

Different rooms have very different uses and foot traffic which can impact dramatically on the requirements for flooring. That said, where bathroom flooring is concerned it really depends on personal preference for soft carpets or waterproof vinyl flooring.

Vinyl flooring is a good choice for areas of particularly heavy foot traffic in the home; all vinyl has a wear layer – the top layer of the vinyl and you select a wear level that is appropriate. Vinyl is popular for kitchen flooring as the finishes can resemble natural tiles or even wood.

Stairs are probably not the best option for vinyl in the home – and they take a lot of heavy traffic so it is important to carefully select a durable stair carpet. There are some important differences in stair carpet to take note of; for example a cut-pile carpet is a better than a looped pile as the loops open up more when the carpet bends over each step and they tend to snag. The density of the carpet is also important because it evenly covers each stair especially where it is bent over the steps so its not possible to see any of the backing. The ideal choice is probably a wool carpet – but they are expensive.

Flooring to Fit your Lifestyle

Understanding how a home is used helps with choosing the right flooring. For example if a person has special mobility needs, then vinyl presents a smooth and easy surface for say a wheel chair.

When looking to get new bedroom carpets for the kids it is worth considering how much wear and tear they are likely to get. One option is to get a cheaper carpet but on the other hand vinyl can be just as good an option as it has the resilience and flexibility to stand up to children – but maybe not for the bedroom.

Where pets are concerned everyone should definitely consider vinyl flooring for where they sleep – so if there are any morning surprises it can be easily cleaned up without too much stress. Vinyl can also be a better option as dog or cat hair won’t get stick to the carpet.

Bedrooms need to be luxurious, so it is important to select a likeable style that offers the right mood. As stripes are becoming more popular, who knows maybe you fancy a striped carpet?

To achieve the right kind of comfort for wandering around barefoot in the bedroom, one of the things to ensure is that carpet has padding - which can be a rubber, or foam underlay but helps to support the carpet over the years and helps absorb noise.

The style of carpet is also important - such as Plush, Saxony and Berber. These terms refer to the pile or the surface of the carpet which is made from yarn tufts that are folded into tight loops. A Berber carpet is made from continues fiber loops, is dense and flat and is highly durable – perfect for high traffic areas, while a Saxony carpet is made from a tightly twisted pile – is thick, soft and inviting.

Here is a quick summary of our top tips.

Top Tips

Tips on Choosing Carpet

1.) Padding such as underlay means comfort with extra cushioning, insulation and absorbs sound better.
2.) Choose the right carpet style or its pile – the density of yarn tufts that make up the carpet.
3.) Consider the practical use your carpet will have and how to care for it.
4.) Consider how different carpet colours and patterns can change the mood of a room.
5.) Select a durable carpet for the stairs.

Tips on Choosing Vinyl

1.) Vinyl floors have resilience to heavy foot traffic so withstands wear and tear.
2.) Different styles and textures of vinyl flooring can resemble natural finishes.
3.) Choose the best type of vinyl for you; it can come in 12ft wide rolls, tiles or planks.
4.) Consider underlay as padding for increased comfort.
5.) Vinyl can fade if exposed to too much sunlight.

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