Knoxville Nutritionist Launches Mid-Life Makeover Website

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Nicole Fey Turns MidLife Challenges into Miraculous MidLife Transformations

Nutritionist and Wellness Coach Nicole Fey doesn’t believe midlife should be a crisis. She teaches her clients to eagerly enter midlife and emerge infinitely brighter, radically different, and joyfully re-energized. Fey recently launched her website ( to help guide and mentor those experiencing midlife crisis to move towards their higher destiny.

“I want to help anyone going through midlife to understand that their best years are in front of them and they have the courage to create the life they’ve always wanted. Whether it’s their weight, health, career or relationships, moving out of stagnation and creating forward movement is the answer,” said Fey.

Fey helps her clients discover how everyday food and lifestyle choices can affect their health, business and overall happiness. “We uncover which patterns are fueling their life goals, those that sabotage them and what to do about it. We also outline a personalized action plan to take charge of their weight, energy, health issues and performance,” she said.

Fey explains that there are five “doorways” to the second half of life. These are nutrition, detoxification, synchro-alignment, energy healing, and fitness/yoga.

“Feeling great everyday has everything to do with how you’re feeding yourself. Fatigue, disease, and just feeling bad no longer have to be the norm. We teach which foods nourish and support and those which will ultimately transform every area of your life.”

“If someone going through midlife is feeling down, sluggish, and unmotivated, chances are it’s the build-up of toxins in their body. We show how to cleanse and detoxify not only their body, but also their environment and even their thoughts. Once they release the stuff that’s weighing them down, they soar,” said Fey.

Besides being a wellness coach and nutritionist, Fey is also a certified Feng Shui master. She shows clients how to align themselves with their home or office. “By using ancient Feng Shui principles, we help clients feel uplifted, empowered and enveloped in their sacred space through good Feng Shui,” she added.

“My coaching techniques are the culmination of my life’s experience, and education. I was a very sickly kid. As I got older, my eating habits reflected a typical teenager’s, mostly junk. By the time I was 21, I was really unhealthy. My weight was up, I was bloated, constipated and always felt bad. By the age of 26, I was really in trouble. I couldn’t really function at work because I would get so tired. I was moody and depressed, uncomfortable and anti-social because I didn’t feel good enough to go out,” Fey said.

“One day, a friend clued me in and told me I was eating foods that I was probably allergic or sensitive to and it was messing up my whole system and even my outlook on life. Finally, with some direction and focus I was able to tackle my health issues that were holding me back,” said Fey.

“I became a voracious reader and luckily the books that landed in my lap first were inspiring and eye opening. I became passionate about eating real, natural foods, making delicious fresh fruit and vegetable juices and helping other people resolve their health issues that were robbing them of their vibrance, energy and passion for life.”

“At the time I was a personal trainer and it became apparent to me that exercise was not always enough to lose weight. Over the next two decades, I became a Certified Nutrition Counselor, Certified Reiki Master, Certified Bau-Biologist, Certified Feng Shui practitioner, and Certified Yoga Instructor. I took all these modalities and put them under one umbrella, and began my practice as a Holistic Health Coach” said Fey.

“Today I find at midlife, my life is wide-open, the ending yet unscripted, with an expectation that the next 50 years will be my best years to come. And I hold that vision for every client I work with,” Fey added.

For more information about Nicole Fey or her wellness program, please visit

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