Rusts Leaves Michigan Struggling With Gas-Leak Problems; Reaches Out to Rust Sufferers With Green Solution

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The leaks rust caused on underground tanks of old gas stations in Michigan left the state struggling to get the clean up done. To save others from such severe rust effects, advised the use of a green rust spray.

Besides metals, rust and its stain can also damage plastic, concrete, rubber and even fabric.

Rust on old tanks of abandoned gasoline stations rendered Michigan struggling. According to a report from, the state is having a hard time cleaning up the environmental mess the tanks left. On the other hand, knowing that rust can damage almost all items, advised property owners to always prepare a safe rust removal product.

Reportedly, corrosion ate away the old tanks in Michigan's deserted gas stations causing them to leak. The leaking, in return, contaminated the state's water. With gasoline and other chemicals, the tanks poisoned it's groundwater, creek and soil. Worse, in some cases, the leaks also polluted the drinking water wells.

However, despite the efforts for clean up, many of the environmental and health risks of the leaks remain unsolved. One reason pointed out is the lack of enough fund for the cleaning up program. The fact that the rate of completing cleanups in Michigan is at an average of $400 000 also contributes to the derail of the program.

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I've dealt with rust several times before. And all those times taught me one very important thing about rust. That is it's destructive and it spreads fast. The longer you wait to get it treated the bigger is its damage. And with its eating away of Michigan's old gasoline tanks, a huge damage it is surely causing the state.

Leaking underground gasoline tanks have long been giving Michigan very serious environmental problems and posing health problems. They are contaminating the state's groundwater, creek and even the soil with gasoline and other chemicals. In some cases, they even pollute the residents' drinking water wells.

Rust is deemed the culprit of all those environmental problems. However, the continued existence of the said environmental concerns is being attributed to the derail of the clean-up programs. And with the shortage in funding and the fact that the average cost of clean-up in Michigan is $400 000, it seems that the state is up for more years of old, rusty and leaking fuel tanks' negative effects.

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Michigan has 9,100 polluted LUST sites — second most in the United States — where fuel leaks have contaminated soils and groundwater, and, in some cases, fouled drinking water wells and surface waters. At least 1,440 of those LUST sites pose an immediate risk to human health, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Underground storage tanks cause problems when corrosion and rust eats away at aging metal tanks and allows gasoline or other chemicals to seep into soils and groundwater. Federal regulations enacted in the 1980s require gas stations to replace leaky metal tanks with more durable fiberglass tanks. Gas stations also must install leak detection systems, which are designed to prevent small leaks from becoming a major environmental problem.

Pollution will fester at many of those sites for years, if not decades, because Michigan’s LUST cleanup program has gone off the rails: Completed cleanups are down 80 percent from the late 1990s; the average cost of a cleanup here is $400,000, four times the national average; and Michigan has one of the nation’s worst rates for completing cleanups, according to government data.

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Rust can damage almost all items according to Besides metals, rust and its stain can also damage plastic, concrete, rubber and even fabric. To prevent the worse of its effects to any item or surface, the site advised any rust sufferer to act quick after the corrosion is discovered.

However, the site added that before anyone can implement a treatment, a rust removal product must be picked first. Of all the rust solutions available though, it emphasized that property owners must pick the rust remover that is safe apart from effective. That's to prevent health risks, it also stated.

Get a safe rust remover today. Go to for a sample of a safe rust spray.

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