Xtranormal Powers Higher Education Learning

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College and university educators bring Xtranormal’s digital storytelling platform into higher education; multisensory approach helps students enhance communication skills, support information retention, and understand complex subject matter

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Xtranormal can definitely be beneficial for both students and faculty...By providing students with material and coursework that is to be completed on their own...you are adding a whole new level to e-learning.

Xtranormal™, the revolutionary approach to digital storytelling, has seen a spike in the number of universities and colleges leveraging the Xtranormal Education platform to bring lessons alive in the classroom and encourage a more active student participation. From utilizing Xtranormal as an alternative to term papers to providing a stage for reenacting famous literature scenes and more, many instructors have begun to utilize the digital storytelling platform in the collegiate setting to enhance students’ overall classroom and learning experience. “I’m teaching contemporary urban issues and education policy to a class of about 55 upper division public administration students,” said Bernie Rhinerson, an adjunct professor at San Diego State University and Chief of Staff for the San Diego School District. “Instead of assigning a term paper, I had my students create an Xtranormal story – and they absolutely loved it. They each created a movie using two characters discussing the issues. It was a good experience to see students take the policy concepts we discussed in class and turn that into creative dialogue that demonstrated they understood the issues. Feedback from students was very positive. It’s so much more interesting and innovative than a typical term paper.”

James Grindeland teaches philosophy at the University of Georgia and Gainesville State College, and agrees that Xtranormal provides a more attention-grabbing way of learning that helps make concepts stick: “I want my students to remember what I’m teaching, not just get a grade and forget what they learned.” By using Xtranormal, higher education students also have the opportunity to hone creativity and communication skills. According to Grindeland, having the ability to hear their own written words spoken back to them helped students to greatly improve their writing skills. He reported incorporating body language into messaging also helped to improve students’ work by providing a multidimensional method of delivering it. “I like to compare it to reading. With Xtranormal, you can control the body language, and I think that helps with clarity. When reading, there’s a lot of guessing going on. In terms of conveying information, the humor alone will cause people to watch and watch over again, whereas with text, they might not even sit through it once.”

Universities Using Xtranormal to Research Impact of Multimedia Learning in Language Instruction

Simone Elias and Ann Cai, who teach at Northeastern University, are currently studying the educational value of multimedia tools in higher education for language instruction, with a special concentration on Xtranormal. “In broad terms, our research will examine teaching and learning in the 21st century, focusing on a Constructivist approach with a particular emphasis on the Theory of Multimedia Learning and applications of Xtranormal’s text-to-speech technology to enhance student experience and language retention in hybrid education of languages,” said professors Elias and Cai.

Richard Greer, a freshman international business major with a Portuguese minor at Northeastern University who works with Elias and Cai, said, “I think that Xtranormal can definitely be beneficial for both students and faculty. The characters in the videos engage the viewers’ attention and provide both the creator and audience with an entertaining and enjoyable element to the learning and teaching experience. I think hybrid learning is an excellent approach to teaching. By providing students with material and coursework that is to be completed on their own, accompanied by an in-class session where any questions may be answered, you are adding a whole new level to e-learning.”

“Feedback from professors and students has been extremely positive. We believe having the power to easily create interactive stories will inspire students and that creativity is essential to providing a learning environment that students actually want to participate in,” said Sophia Kim, CEO of Xtranormal. “Students and professors are using Xtranormal to bring life to otherwise typical coursework and we’re constantly amazed by the quality, creativity and uses they’ve found for incorporating Xtranormal into their assignments across subjects.”

Educators can learn more about Xtranormal technology by visiting http://www.xtranormal.com/edu/.

About Xtranormal
Xtranormal makes your stories come to life. It's that simple. Create a story. Share a story. Watch a story. Funny? Romantic? Dramatic? Xtranormal helps you create amazing interactive stories with a few clicks and a little imagination. You're instantly an animator, poet, pundit, educator or comic. Couldn't be easier.

Xtranormal’s contagious technology has made it a viral sensation with millions of users through the simple act of typing. To learn more, visit http://www.xtranormal.com.

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