Summer Health: Ticks & Lyme Risk on the Rise - Protect Yourself, Family & Pet with Insect Shield Repellent Apparel

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40,000 cases of lyme disease are documented in the US alone every year and health experts are predicting 2012 to be the worst year for Lyme risk ever. Why? A warm winter and a decrease in rodent population. What happens with fewer rodents? Ticks need to look for other hosts - us!

Protect yourself, family and dog from ticks during summer camping adventures with Insect Shield Repellent Apparel.

Insect Shield’s EPA-registered technology converts clothing and gear into effective and convenient insect protection. The repellency is long-lasting and appropriate for use by the entire family with no restrictions for use.

Quick Facts:

  •     Repellency is in the clothing and gear
  •     Apparel repellency lasts through 70 launderings
  •     EPA-registered
  •     No restrictions for use
  •     Appropriate for the entire family
  •     No need to re-apply
  •     Repels mosquitoes, ticks, ants, flies, chigger and midges including those that can cause Lyme disease, malaria and other dangerous insect-borne diseases

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FAQ’s -

Insect Shield Gardening Hats & Accessories
Insect Shield Bug Repellent Hammock
Insect Shield Bug Hut Tent
Insect Shield Camping/Deck Chairs
Insect Shield Bunk Sack
Insect Shield Mosquito Nets
Insect Shield Coolmax Adapter Cover
Insect Shield Outdoor/Adventure Travel Apparel
Lightweight outdoor clothing and accessories that offer bug/sun protection for the entire family.
Insect Shield Hiking Gaiters – Adults/Kid’s
Kids outdoor apparel and accessories
Work Wear
Insect Shield protective work wear
Insect Shield Dog Apparel and Accessories
Horse fly sheets

Here are some helpful tick-prevention strategies to keep you, your family and pet protected this summer:

1.) YOUR YARD: Ticks are not usually in the middle of your lawn, they live on the outskirts where yards border wooded areas. They also like shady areas with leaves. Place a layer of wood chips between your grass yard and the woods edge. Ticks are attracted to the wood chips because of the shade and moisture it provides. This will prevent some of them from crawling inward where you and your family spend most of your time.

2.) TICK CHECKS: Do periodic tick checks (on yourself, children and pets) and carefully remove any found. (Wear light colored clothing so ticks are easier to find.) Throw untreated clothing into the dryer when you first come inside. Ticks can only last a few minutes in the dryer!

3.) OUTDOOR PURSUITS: When on a hike, bike, or walk try to remain in the center of a trail in order to minimize your exposure. Remember - ticks cannot fly, they crawl up. Avoid sitting directly on the ground, woodpiles or fallen logs - areas where ticks love to live.

4.) PERSONAL PROTECTION: Wear tick repellent clothing. Insect Shield repellent apparel is EPA registered to repel ticks (as well as a variety of other pesky and potentially dangerous insects.) The repellency is odorless, invisible and long-lasting. Insect Shield apparel is available for adults, kids and even your dog!

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