"The Miracle Kid" The Seventeen Year Old Newborn Released to Major Book Stores

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"The Miracle Kid', a true story of Zachary D Gauvin, who at 17 years old with everything going for him nearly lost it all with one wrong decision. This new book is the story of Zachary's recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and 30 day coma to go on to graduate from college with a degree in Journalism, author a book to help others with TBI's. Available now at major book stores and online outlets.

Miracle Kid Book Cover

This memoir was written to help others with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)....also to share with others that you can never take your life for granted .... because if you get careless it could all be gone in an instant.

At 17 years old Zach Gauvin had his life where he wanted it - he came from a great family, was a star athlete looking to get a baseball scholarship to a Division 1 school, he had great grades and was well liked by all and had realistic hopes of one day playing for a Major League Baseball team.

Zach’s life changed in an instant with a bad decision on April 19th, 2006. On that evening Zach chose to drink and drive and it nearly cost him everything. As it turns out the golden-boy had a secret problem – he was an alcoholic.    

The Miracle Kid is Zach’s story. The story of a young man who's life changed in an instant with a bad decision. He tells it honestly throughout the book, as he kept journals through his years of rehabilitation. The reader will learn how Zach and his family fought hard – how they refused to listen when doctors told his parents he had a 5% chance of living. They again refused to accept the prognosis of a social worker that told them he would never be able to be on his own if he ever emerged from his (30 day coma). This is the story of how they fought the odds and won.

The book is a memoir - with the narrative written at the time Zach was experiencing it. The reader will see the growth of this young man over a 5 year period through the reading of the book.

This is Zach's story of learning to be for the second time – how he learned to breathe on his own, eat on his own, walk and talk and relearn his lessons in school to catch up and graduate with his High School class on time. He also needed to learn social rules and behaviors all over again - and through his journals he shares these lessons. He did it all. He also stumbled at times and he shares those moments - he was after all just a teenager, and not just that but a teenager with a Traumatic Brain Injury. And he then went on to graduate from U Mass Amherst with a degree in Journalism in 4 years! A true miracle.

This memoir was written by Zach to help others with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) to share what it is really like going through this - something he wished he had had when going through it himself. It's a memoir he wrote also to share with others that you can never take your life for granted or think you are invincible - because if you get careless and make a stupid mistake it could all be gone in an instant.

This is a story of love, determination and faith. Zach and his family were determined to beat the odds. They had unconditional love to see themselves as a family unit through all that was in front of them to get Zach whole again. And they have a tremendous faith in god and his plan - and through it all they held strong to that.

Zach pressed on for years focused on his goal of playing Division 1 baseball and getting drafted by a Major League team. In his senior year of college he writes that he realized that that dream helped him to recover, that determination to get there fueled his recovery. He also realized that that dream no longer was a reality. He accepted and built a new reality.

This book is a must read for every parent of a pre-teen or teen, every pre-teen and teenager, for educators, physicians and physical therapists. Anyone that needs a reminder that the only limitations in our life are the ones we either put on ourselves or accept from others.

Today Zachary Gauvin is a healthy and active 23 year old college graduate with a degree in journalism, living in Central Massachusetts and Bradenton, Florida. He is also a certified personal trainer and works at a local health club and at a brain injury center helping others with TBI.

Zach is an avid blogger and founder of the Brain Injury Support Group http://supportforbraininjuries.wordpress.com/

The Miracle Kid is available for purchase at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.

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